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Top Guiding award for city matriculants

“Since they started Guides in junior school the two girls have matured into young ladies with an inner core of self-confidence, a love for the outdoors"

Union asks Telkom to put stay on job cuts

“When a company fails to train its workforce for new challenges, it should not retrench the workers; it should get rid of the top management”

Mayor issues stern warning

“The entire service delivery programme will be monitored and assessed on an ongoing basis.”

Chaos on first day of school

The SGB, who claim to only have the best interests of the pupils at heart, have accused the administrator of a lack of vision and of being an “instigator”

NC school fails to open its doors

"The school had approached Kumba Mine for assistance last year as there were major cracks in the double-storey school building."

‘We will fight racism at school’

“The differences between you do not matter, what matters is that we are all just people. We share the same country, the same space and the same school, which is Northern Cape High.”

Mostly a smooth start to the new school year

"The schools reopening went very smoothly with teaching and learning commencing on the first day.”

ANC hits back at Nocci

"A lot of money was spent on the event, while businesses had not benefited as expected."

Former MEC to receive special provincial funeral

“Lucas was a member of the National Council of Provinces and was later appointed as the MEC responsible for the Department of Education, where he served the Province with distinction.”

Thieves ‘slowly eating library’

“It is so embarrassing that our own people can stoop so low as to vandalise their own community library”