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Members elected to NC portfolio committees

Over the past 25 years of legislative democracy, the provincial legislature had developed systems, structures and procedures

Pastor in court for child rape

Pastor threatened to “lock her up in the mortuary fridge with corpses” should she tell anyone about the alleged rapes.

Province set for a no-frills Sopa

As with many other cost-cutting measures that will be implemented this year, Sopa will be a “little bit subdued”.

Show will make you ‘xhoulag’

Xhoulag is the term people from Namaqualand use to describe an exuberant laugh

‘Residents to blame for sewage problem’

A two-year-old girl spent almost a month in hospital after apparently coming into contact with the contaminated water in the area

‘Residents to blamefor sewage problem’

DESPITE numerous site visits by Transnet to address the issue of overflowing drains and sewage in Electro Park, according to residents nothing has been...

Transnet signs R8bn deal with NC mining company

"The signing of such a contract speaks to Transnet's commitment to supporting the mining industry..."

Copper cable arrestat city scrap yard

"....They then discovered that there were copper cables which were not on the register. The expert identified it as the property of Transnet,”

Skills programme for unemployed youths

The programme is hosted under the theme, “Digitising the Evolution: Geography, Tourism and Space Innovation”.

Sol to discuss 106 behind closed doors

It was pointed out that there was no point in discussing this report without discussing the Section 106 report as the two go hand in hand