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Varsity to host lecture

Recent work on societal collapse indicates that societies do not collapse due to single causes, history is far more complex and messy

Festival move won’t ‘burn’ NC

During the event, a temporary city of art rises from the Tankwa Karoo dust, attracting thousands of “participants” (also known as “Burners”) from across the globe

Six KHS pupils get blazers

The pupils represented the school, the Northern Cape Province and the country superbly.

BREAKING NEWS: #DrosRapist sentenced to life in prison

The Gauteng North High Court has sentenced convicted Dros rapist Nicholas Ninow to life behind bars for rape and five years for drug possession.

‘Sol went back on its promise’

“Our children and the elderly are not safe with this open piece of land that is teeming with all sorts of elements.”

NC police stations still without rape kits

"Rape victims thus give their initial statement at the said police stations but then have to wait for one of the two teams from the Witdam FCS unit in Kimberley to arrive"


Caught off guard

Dept urges pupils and teachers to ‘give back’

“The department has committed that every pupil must have a core textbook for every subject in every grade"

Last AfrikaBurn for NC

“This move provides AfrikaBurn with a new blank canvas, a space to accelerate projects not directly related to our event"

Sol has been ‘captured’

“If Sol Plaatje is indeed under administration then the dissolution of council could also be on the cards”