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Sol to cut water after pump fails

The water will be switched on again to accommodate the morning rush before it is switched off again tomorrow morning at 10am

Illegal miners invade farms

One farm owner indicated that he was willing to accommodate the artisanal miners provided that they obtained the necessary permits

Dept to address gender inequality

The gender policy needed to be put in place from the premise that gender inequality will not disappear on its own accord.

R2bn deal to advance next-generation drilling

"The drilling space has always been seen as a dirty type of hard work, but it does not have to be that way. It can be really sophisticated”

Girl’s body found in veld

“We appeal to the community to assist the police with any information that can lead to the arrest of the person/s responsible for this crime"

Varsity hosts youth symposium

Baxen also affirmed to the premier that SPU was willing to work with him and his administration to create a better world for the youth

Post office accepts bank card payments

The motor vehicles renewals (MVL) function was taken over by post offices over the last two years.

Dad arrested after boy (4) dies in fire

It was later discovered that the four-year-old child was in the burning house and that he died in the fire

Manager, contractor in altercation

“My instinct kicked in and I had to protect myself. The workers stood between us in order to stop the fight. I was told to ‘get out’ as I did not belong there.”

Nightly shutdowns to continue

“It is anticipated that this will take a few hours. During this exercise, the entire new pump station will be brought into full operation and we will migrate fully from the old pump station.”