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Galeshewe has ‘nothing to show for democracy’ – Azapo president


Azapo president Nelvis Qekema encouraged Kimberley voters to make their mark for his party when they go to the polls on May 29.

Azapo president Nelvis Qekema. Picture: Supplied

AZAPO president Nelvis Qekema encouraged Kimberley voters to make their mark for his party when they go to the polls on May 29.

During a recent visit to the city, Qekema pointed out that 30 years into democracy, Galeshewe had “nothing to show for democracy”.

“The Big Hole is a monument of how the land and minerals were stolen by colonialists,” he said.

He added that despite Kimberley being the first city to have street lights in the country, Galeshewe has been plunged into darkness.

“As a result, residents are vulnerable to crime in the thick of the night. The authorities don’t care to correct the situation.

“This democracy gave load shedding and water shedding to the country, while people are expected to pay high prices for non-existent electricity and water. Poor black people have no money to buy generators. The result is that their food rots in their fridges.

“The people of Galeshewe live without water. They are condemned to queue for the water tanks that come once in a while. In the meantime, they can’t flush their toilets. Cooking and bathing is a nightmare.”

Qekema said that Azapo would abolish provincial governments to free up resources to support local governments.

“We will ensure that the state attracts the best brains to run the civil service, so that the state can be efficient and capacitated to deliver quality services such as water and reliable electricity.”

He noted that unemployed youths had lost hope and resorted to joining gangs or became trapped in a cycle of substance abuse.

“In 1994, the rate of unemployment stood at 13 percent, compared to 32.1 percent today. The truth is that half of the people in this country do not have jobs.

“A total of 28.32 million people receive social grants. An additional 9.2 million people receive the social relief of distress grants of R350. This is a national scandal. We should all be embarrassed by these figures.”

Qekema said Azapo would create 300,000 jobs by filling vacant posts in the public service and permanently employ cleaners and security guards.

“We will end the tender system and capacitate the Department of Public Works to build and maintain infrastructure, thus creating hundreds of thousands of permanent jobs.

“Azapo will launch a massive industrialisation programme and also promote beneficiation of the country’s raw material so that we add value by exporting finished products in different fields.”

He added that if the party was in charge, they would make guns inaccessible to civilians and attract the best police officers by paying them competitive salaries.

“We will mobilise communities to isolate criminals by refusing to buy stolen goods.”

Qekema stated that land should be equitably distributed to all citizens.

“We will limit foreign ownership of the land. We will give people land to support those who want to build houses for themselves. We will allocate land to farmers and those interested in farming and also offer support by helping them access local and international markets.”

He indicated that as a broader campaign to combat and eradicate illegal immigration, the party would create refugee centres for all asylum seekers.

“Genuine refugees at these centres will be provided with food and shelter by the state. Economic migrants who pose as asylum seekers will be deported as soon as they have been exposed. Companies and individuals will pay heavy penalties for employing illegal immigrants.”

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