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Rising soccer talent keen to shine on international stage


This upcoming Iber Cup Soccer tournament in Portugal marks a significant milestone for Nathan Bredenkamp, offering him a platform to further refine his skills and acquire invaluable international exposure.

Nathan Bredenkamp is set to make his mark when he will represent The Football Institute at the esteemed Portugal Iber Cup. Picture: Supplied

WHEN it comes to the Beautiful Game of soccer, talent frequently arises from commitment and enthusiasm for the sport. Emerging talent Nathan Bredenkamp exemplifies these qualities.

Hailing from George, Nathan spent his formative years in Jan Kempdorp, a small town in the Northern Cape. Attending UCT Online High School, Bredenkamp enjoyed the flexibility of being able to participate in games and leagues primarily held in Gauteng.

Nathan’s soccer journey isn’t just a list of achievements; it’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. From winning gold certificates in Eastern Gauteng football and hockey to receiving a recent meritorious mention for Under-14 boys’ soccer, his accomplishments truly showcase his talent and determination.

Yet, Nathan’s narrative transcends past triumphs; it embodies his readiness to embrace new challenges and seize fresh opportunities. The latest chapter in his sporting journey finds him on the verge of representing The Football Institute at the esteemed Portugal Iber Cup.

This upcoming tournament marks a significant milestone for Nathan, offering him a platform to further refine his skills and acquire invaluable international exposure.

“I feel excited for the chance to compete on an international stage against teams from different countries. It can be incredibly exhilarating,” Nathan told the DFA. “It’s an opportunity to showcase my skills, represent my team, and immerse myself in the excitement of high-level competition.

“It’s a chance to test one’s abilities against top-level competition from around the world, pushing oneself to excel.”

A journey of personal growth

But Nathan’s participation in the Portugal tournament goes way beyond the boundaries of the soccer pitch. To this young man, it’s a journey of personal growth, cultural exchange, and building connections that stretch far beyond borders.

The support from his community plays a crucial role in this journey, enabling him to showcase his talent with pride and determination.

After being selected to represent The Football Institute’s Under-15 team, Nathan will embark on this journey with a clear purpose. The opportunity presented by the Portugal tournament is a chance for him to immerse himself in the dynamics of international football and cultivate essential skills needed in a global context.

When asked what the Iber Cup competition means to him, Nathan said that he feels proud and honoured, adding that being chosen to represent the Football Institute, signifies recognition of one’s skills, dedication, and commitment to the sport.

“It’s an opportunity to proudly wear the institute’s colours and emblem on an international stage, representing not only oneself but also the values and ethos of the institution,” he said. “Competing in a prestigious tournament like the Portugal Iber Cup presents a significant challenge. It’s a chance to test one’s abilities against top-level competition from around the world.”

A memorable chapter

Nathan’s journey begins on June 23, when he and his team depart for Portugal. Over the course of their stay, the team will engage in rigorous training sessions under the guidance of local coaches, play friendly matches with international teams, and partake in cultural excursions, which Nathan hopes will deepen his and his teammates’ understanding of Portugal’s rich heritage.

He told the DFA that he is excited to immerse himself in Portuguese culture and explore the vibrant cities, picturesque landscapes, and historical landmarks. There’s a lot on his wish-list between training and games, from sampling delicious Portuguese cuisine to learning about the country’s rich history and traditions, Nathan wants to be immersed in the experience awaiting him on the Iberian Peninsula.

“I look forward to embracing all that Portugal has to offer, he explained. “From navigating unfamiliar environments to overcoming challenges on and off the field, I anticipate that this experience will push me out of my comfort zone and foster resilience, adaptability, and independence.

“I’m excited about the prospect of not only competing in the soccer matches but also immersing myself in the cultural, linguistic, and personal experiences that Portugal has to offer,” he added. “This journey promises to be a memorable and transformative chapter in my life.”

Personal expectations

When asked what his expectations were for the tournament, Nathan told the DFA that he expected to perform at his best level in the competition, whether it be scoring goals, making key assists, or demonstrating specific skills on the field.

“I will also aim to maintain consistency throughout the tournament and contribute positively to my team’s overall performance. I expect my team to perform well and strive for success in the tournament. This could mean aiming to advance through the stages of the competition, competing fiercely against opponents, and ultimately vying for the championship title,” he noted.

Community support vital

The transformative journey awaiting young Nathan Bredenkamp hinges on vital community support. The Football Institute is actively seeking assistance from local businesses, family, and friends to alleviate the financial burden associated with his participation in the tournament.

With a total estimated cost of approximately R55,000 required to cover essential expenses, every contribution plays a crucial role in empowering Nathan to excel both on and off the field.

Sports Ambassadors

At the Football Institute, nurturing talent goes hand-in-hand with fostering personal growth. Through experiences like the Portugal ‘Iber Cup’, Nathan and his peers will not only be athletes but ambassadors, poised to make an impact on the international stage.

As Nathan sets his sights on Portugal, his journey epitomises the spirit of perseverance, ambition, and global camaraderie that define the Beautiful Game.

With the community rallying behind him, there’s no doubt that Nathan Bredenkamp’s torch is destined to shine bright on the international soccer stage.

Should you wish to contribute towards Nathan Bredenkamp’s expenses, donations can be made to the following account:

Account Name: KS Bredenkamp

Bank: Capitec

Account Number: 125 393 1362

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