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Boy butchered for stealing mangoes


Police have arrested a farmer for allegedly killing and mutilating the body of a 13-year old boy accused of stealing mangoes.

SCENE: Police conducted a search of farmer’s house

POLICE have arrested a farmer for allegedly killing and mutilating the body of a 13-year old boy accused of stealing mangoes.

Tears of disbelief flowed in Klawer as forensic experts on Friday discovered the butchered body parts of Jerobejin van Wyk, who went missing on Wednesday.

The horrific murder sent shockwaves through the farming community after it was revealed the man allegedly drove over the child, then cut up his body and dumped his remains in a drain at his house.

Jerobejin’s traumatised mother Tresha, 38, says when she returned home from work on Wednesday night, she was told that her son was missing.

“My daughter told me that his friends told her they were stealing mangoes from a boer who chased after them in his bakkie.

“They told us that the boer drove over my son and picked him up and put him in the back of a bakkie and drove away and he was never seen again,” she says.

DEVASTATED: Mom Tresha, 38

Tresha says she went to the Klawer Police Station and two officers accompanied her to the house of the suspect.

“I looked him in the face and asked him where is my son, and he told me he took my child to buy him food but when he came out of the shop, he was gone.”

On Friday morning, police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut confirmed that a 56-year-old man was arrested for kidnapping.

“The boy was accused of stealing fruit at the suspect’s residence on Wednesday and was pursued by him.

“The boy has since not been seen,” he said at the time.

APPEARING IN COURT: The 56- year-old suspect

Later on Friday morning, cops and forensic experts descended on the suspect’s home and scoured the property for clues.

Angry residents gathered as news spread that the child’s ear had been found.

Tresha says while waiting at the cop shop, she was briefed by officers about the horrific discovery.

“There was a shallow grave that he dug but apparently the sand was too hard.

GRIM: Body parts found in drain

“They told me they found intestines and arms that they think belong to my child and I just passed out.

“They didn’t tell me more because I couldn’t take it,” says the shocked mom.

“How can he be so evil to cut my child up into pieces?

GRIM: Body parts found in drain

“No human being does something like that. Why did he not report the child to police instead?”

On Saturday, Traut confirmed that the suspect will now also face a murder charge and will make his first court appearance today.

“The investigation led detectives to the suspect’s residence (Friday) afternoon where human remains were discovered in a sewerage pipe on the premises.

“The body of the victim is yet to be found and it is too soon to speculate on the identity of the remains.

“The charge has since been changed to murder and the suspect is expected.”

Meanwhile, Tresha says she will undergo DNA tests to see if it matches that of the remains found.

“They said I must give blood to see if those body parts are my son’s.

“I hope he rots in those cells,” the mother cried.

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