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Cops probe tragic triple shooting


Authorities are currently probing the tragic incident involving a Kimberley Crime Intelligence unit officer who is believed to have fatally shot his girlfriend, severely wounded her brother, and then committed suicide. The event, which occurred in De Beers in the early hours of April 21, has left the community in shock.

Kgalalelo Makodi. Picture: Facebook

THE POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a police officer attached to the Crime Intelligence unit in Kimberley, who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend and seriously injured her brother before turning the gun on himself.

During the incident that sent shockwaves through the local community, the brother of the deceased sustained a gunshot to the chest, which narrowly missed his heart, when he tried to smooth things over between the couple.

He is still recuperating in hospital.

The incident took place in De Beers, where the couple – Monwabisi Nqakala and Kgalalelo Makodi were residing, during the early hours of April 21.

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Makodi’s brother was shot and taken to hospital, while a family member later returned to the house with the police to discover that Makodi and Nqakala had died on the scene.

Makodi’s brother regretted that he had not remained at the house after he was shot so that he could protect his sister from the terrifying sequence of events that unfolded.

“I was talking to Nqakala through the window as the rest of the house was locked. I don’t know why he shot me. If I had known what his intentions were, I would’ve stayed behind and taken every bullet that was fired at my sister,” said the brother.

“When I heard that he took her life, it felt as if five more bullets had struck my chest.”

He added that he feared losing his sister when she was diagnosed with lupus but that she had managed to recover.

“I prayed that God would give me that illness so that she would not have to suffer.

“There were days I thought that she wouldn’t make it, but she managed to show that illness who’s boss.

“While we were still becoming accustomed to having her back, little did we know that she would be ruthlessly robbed of her life.”

He stated that he was struggling to accept what had happened.

“The sad part is that there is no revenge for us. All that is left is rage and sadness.

“Every moment since I regained consciousness I have been hoping that this is just a bad dream because I cannot get to grips with reality.”

He questioned what had driven Nqakala to pull the trigger.

“Even after he shot me, I was concerned about him and his future because that is just who I am. He never told me why he was so angry. He ripped my heart right out of my chest when he killed my sister.”

A close family friend indicated that Makodi and Nqakala had been involved in a relationship for the past four to five years.

“Makodi was visiting with family at her brother’s house on the evening of April 20 while Nqakala waited for her at home. It appears that he was not in a good state of mind that night,” said the family friend.

“Nqakala and Makodi’s brother were on good terms and there was no bad blood between them. ”

He stated that Makodi was working in Warrenton but was transferred to the Kimberley Transnet office when she fell ill.

“She is survived by a seven-year-old son who now has to grow up without a mother.”

He indicated that Nqakala had suffered bouts of depression following the death of his young son two years ago.

“Makodi had phoned her brother’s wife that evening. Her brother decided to rush over as he could hear that things were not right and he was aware that there was a history of verbal abuse. He only noticed that Nqakala was holding a firearm when he raised his hand and pulled the trigger at close range.”

He went on to say that Makodi’s funeral would be held this weekend.

SAPS spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Sergio Kock said the Kimberley SAPS Serious and Violent Crimes unit was investigating cases of murder, inquest and attempted murder following the shooting incident.

“A police official, 36 and his girlfriend, 32 died on the scene. A 30-year-old man is being treated for his injuries in hospital,” Kock said of the incident.

He added that the exact cause and motive behind the incident was under investigation.

“Anyone with information can contact Detective Warrant Officer Joseph Kamolane on 082 302 0407. The investigation continues.”

The provincial commissioner of the Northern Cape, Lieutenant-General Koliswa Otola, expressed her sincere condolences to the bereaved families.

She encouraged police members to seek alternative help at the various SAPS employee health and wellness units when facing challenges.

A spokesperson for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), Phaladi Shuping, stated that the provincial head of Ipid had requested the investigator to obtain a docket and conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if the case falls within their mandate.

Kgalalelo Makodi. Picture: Facebook

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