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WATCH: Woman accidentally orders R45K cocktail at luxury hotel


A woman was left horrified after going to a London bar and mistakenly ordered a cocktail for R45,000 instead of R400.

A woman was left horrified after going to a London bar and receiving the bill for a R45K cocktail. Picture: Pexels/Rachel Claire

A woman was left in shock after realising she had accidentally ordered a £2 000 (roughly R45K) cocktail at a bar in her five-star hotel in London.

After going out with her husband and returning to the hotel tipsy, the couple decided to have a few more drinks before the end of the night.

“When I discovered the cocktail I had ordered was £2 000, I showed my husband the receipt and he was furious at me,” the woman known as Lynsey said in a TikTok video.

“So, he left the bar. Left me on my own to deal with it.”

She decided to admit the honest mistake and confess she would not be able to pay the hefty bill.

“I said to the young guy behind the bar: ‘Look I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was £1,890.”

The bartender then called over the manager who “downplayed” the situation and wished the guest a lovely rest of her stay.

“The manager was so discreet and so wonderful. He completely played it down. He was like: ‘Look, it’s fine, don’t worry about it, we will sort this out.’”

Lynsey said her nerves were “wrecked” as this was her first of five nights at the luxury hotel.

Later in her visit, she went back to the bar and saw the manager. He hugged her and said: “This is the girl who made us open the Cristal and we had to drink the Cristal.”

A staff member joked that they had sacked the bartender. Lynsey burst into tears. The manager explained that had happened before and told Lynsey she did not have to pay for the expensive cocktail.

Lynsey said: “I will forever check the price of cocktails from now on.”

Her video on TikTok raked in more than a million views, with thousands rushing to share their reactions.

@lynsey_36 Replying to @Caroline💕 ♬ original sound – Lynsey

One user commented: “They should’ve been very clear in the ordering like the bartender should have been explaining how much it cost.”

Another user said: “How on earth can a cocktail cost that much money, it’s insane.”

A third wrote: “The issue is with the menu, the design and the print. If it is not clear then you could contest it.”

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