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Ntsiki Mazwai slammed for trolling Tyla


Mazwai believes that Tyla is just another industry product, suggesting that she’s being used to push certain agendas because a previous experiment with Sho Madjozi didn’t go as planned.

Tyla at the 2024 Met Gala. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

NTSIKI Mazwai has faced the wrath of the “Tygers”, as Grammy Award-winning musician Tyla’s fans are affectionately known, after she commented on the “Water” hitmaker’s rapid rise to stardom.

She recently took to X to write: “This girl is exposing a lot about the industry. Sho Majozi was also famous with these white managers too…”

This caused many to come to the musician’s defence, including @I_am_Bucie who commented: “Comparing Tyla to Sho Madjozi is insane. The levels are different, target market is not even the same.”

@DrMarv3l added: “Ive never seen a much dedicated hater like you Ausi Ntsiki. I mean u just hate with a passion.”

@Desertchyld also posted: “Honey, Tyla is managed by a company called Africa Creative Agency – 100% black owned by a lovely black couple. They are African-American and have been living in South Africa and the US for over 20 years interchangeably. They’re not white. Their names are Colin and Yvette Gale.”

Meanwhile, despite the 22-year-old’s monumental success, she has faced widespread criticism, including that has become an “industry plant” and that she has joined the Illuminati.

But in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, she said: “People already think I’m in the Illuminati? Oh, now, I know some people think that’s the only way, but it really isn’t. God is the centre of everything that we are doing and clearly, it’s working.”

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