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Wardrobe staples that you must have this spring


It’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.

Spring is around the corner. Picture: Pexels

THE cold is almost over and it’s time to start packing away those boots and coats to make space for those shorts and sandals.

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons because you enjoy the sun without feeling too hot, unlike summer.

As such, sort out your wardrobe by putting warm things underneath and cool items on top.

Here are some items that you must have this spring if you want to be trendy.

Cropped cardigan

Spring days are usually warmer, but during the first few weeks, the wind can be a bit chilly, especially in the late afternoon. Make sure you have a cropped cardigan in your spring wardrobe.

If you don’t, get yourself a Nicci cardigan that you can wear on top of your summer dress or pair it with jeans, depending on the occasion for the day.

Nicci cropped cardigan.

Knitted dress

Knitted dresses are underrated and are one of the most stylish items. Although they are made of wool, they work best for warmer weather because of the breathable material.

Most are soft on the skin and easy to style; all you need are accessories. You can pair them with sandals, a handbag, sunglasses and a hat.

Knitted dress.

Cargo shorts

It’s time for jeans to take a back seat because cargo shorts are about to take over. These are some of the most comfortable shorts because they are not too short or too long.

However, cargo shorts are sensitive, especially the khaki ones. Just make sure you don’t eat messy foods when wearing them because one mistake, they’ll be dirty.

When it comes to styling them, you don’t have to try too hard. A white tank top and flat sandals or white sneakers will do the trick. You can add more flair to the look by carrying a sling bag.

Pleated skirts

Whether it’s a mini, midi or maxi, pleated skirts will be hot this season. For a mini skirt, denim would be better, and you can wear it with a cool T-shirt and some sneakers. A midi or maxi pleated skirt are better in satin or cotton material.

These look better when paired with a dramatic blouse with puffed shoulders and sandals or stilettos, depending on the occasion. If the skirt is plain, pair it with a floral top and vice versa.

Pleated skirts are in this season. Picture: Pexels

Flat sandals

Spring is the best time to let your feet breathe. Get a pair of flat sandals because they go with almost everything. You can wear them with a dress, jeans or shorts.

Make sure your toenails are nicely trimmed and painted. And ladies, please give the white nail polish a rest. Be bold and go for pastels.

Flat sandals. Picture: Pexels.

Summer hat

While most gents prefer caps, ladies enjoy hats in summer. Get yourself a summer hat that will not only elevate your look, but will also protect you from the sun when you’re out and about. A summer hat is best paired with a dress or shorts.

Summer hat. Picture: Pexels.

Floral blouse

A floral blouse can make you stand out from the rest. Sometimes pants like denim can be basic and that’s where the floral blouse comes in.

It elevates an outfit without trying too hard. The best colours are pink, orange or yellow if you really want to make your outfit pop.

And if you have other clothing spring items that haven’t worn in the past few years, now it’s time to bring them back because in the world of fashion, nothing ever goes out of style, it just evolves.

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