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Makhadzi ‘pushed off stage’ in UK festival


Makhadzi said she was billed to perform for 45 minutes, but her performance was ‘sabotaged’ as she could not perform for the specified time.

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MULTI-award-winning music sensation Makhadzi is raging after her team was allegedly pushed off stage while she was set to perform at the Africa Music Festival in the UK.

Makhadzi said she was billed to perform for 45 minutes, but her performance was “sabotaged” as she could not perform for the specified time.

In a video shared on social media, the Ghanama artist shared her ordeal, saying that she was forcefully moved off stage and was told the festival was for Zimbabweans.

“It’s like the whole thing was planned for us to fight. The road manager was supposed to manage time. So all I can say is that whatever happened was planned for me and Jah Prayzah to fight. When Winky D ended his performance, there were only 40 minutes left for the venue to close. And Jah Prayzah was supposed to perform for one hour 30 minutes.

“I was supposed to perform for 30 minutes. And I was like, my sister, check the time. At least cut him off so that I can perform for 30 minutes.”

She said the African artists who were in the line-up included Zimbabwean music artists Winky D and Jah Prayzah.

“I was told that this was about Zimbabweans, and of course, I am not a Zimbabwean, but by blood I am an African. And I am a Zimbabwean. You understand. That lady even pushed my manager, and my DJ was also pushed,” said Makhadzi.

In a statement shared publicly, the organisers of the festival explained the incident, citing time as a major factor that affected the performances.

“The issue that disappointed most was not having enough time for Winky D, Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah. For those who have attended our previous events, they are aware that our timekeeping has always been impeccable. However, for this event, time was affected due to several reasons.

“There was a major accident on Friday, August 23, on the M1 involving the lorry that was carrying our festival stage, and this took hours to replace as they had to bring another stage from Leeds, which led to the sound check planned for that evening being cancelled. The production team did not have enough time to work within the 9pm curfew set in licensing conditions as part of noise pollution management.”

Makhadzi was also recently embroiled in a feud with her former record label, Open Mic Productions, which she claimed was no longer responsible for her music career.

Having worked with the record label for years, Makhadzi also claimed on social media that she had never received a cent from her sales.

“I signed with Open Mic only for three years. In those three years, I dropped four albums. I have never received a cent of my sales. Some of my albums reached platinum, and some reached gold. And a lot of hit songs that reached platinum and gold. But I continue to work without complaining.

“I, Ndivhudzannyi ‘Makhadzi’ Ralivhona, have decided not to renew the contract that was entered into between myself and Open Mic Productions (Pty) Ltd.”

In their defence, the company claimed the allegations made publicly by the music star were false and defamatory, further demanding an apology.

“Your client alleges that she is or was being treated like a ‘slave’ and was not paid a single cent. These allegations are patently false and defamatory.”

The production company further disclosed all payments made to Makhadzi after she claimed she did not receive money from the company.

After going back and forth about the matter, Makhadzi publicly thanked the record company for all the opportunities.

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