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The Joy on their new song reflecting South Africa’s vibrant culture


‘Amaqatha Amancane’ is the latest track from the South African 5-piece vocal group’s self-titled debut album.

Vocal band from The Joy. Picture: Supplied

FOLLOWING their recent electrifying performance alongside Doja Cat at The Coachella Music and Arts Festival in the US last month, South African vocal sensation, The Joy recently released a vibrant new track.

Titled “Amaqatha Amancane”, this song is a preview of what’s to come from their eagerly awaited self-titled debut album which is due to be released next month.

The 5-piece vocal group is made up of Pastor (Ntokozo Bright Magcaba), Duzie (Melokuhle Mkhungo), Guduza (Sphelele Hlophe), Sthombe (Phelelani Sithole) and Marcus (Sanele Ngcobo).

Meanwhile, “Amaqatha Amancane” was recorded live at the prestigious Church Studios in London which has been used my music icons such as Beyoncé and Adele.

The song is inspired by South African culture and it portrays a vivid picture of a Sunday at the Shisanyama, a communal space where people from diverse backgrounds gather to enjoy music, food and camaraderie.

“It paints a picture which will be familiar to all South Africans, these are places where people from all backgrounds come together to enjoy themselves and celebrate life,” they explained.

The group added that the creative process involves each member contributing a verse, followed by collaborative refinement.

“We decide on the type of song that we want to about, then have the free reign to go and write a verse each. Thereafter, we regroup and discuss what we have written individually. We make some tweaks as and when needed then combine everything to make one master piece.“

On their upcoming album, The Joy added: “Fans can expect reality, fun and sentimental Acapella songs from the album.“

Through their music, the group hopes to convey the message that life’s most precious moments are often found in simplicity and shared experiences.

“We hope that listeners understand that the best things in life don’t come at a price and that you should make the most out of every single and smallest moment.”

On their Coachella experience, The Joy reflected: “We loved every minute of it. It was hard work, a lot of high level professionals, long days of rehearsals and then all came together in the most incredible way.”

They also shared their excitement about meeting industry icons like Jayden Smith, Justin Bieber and James Black at the gathering.

“The team that worked and performed on the show was 135 people with some incredible professionals like Parris Goeble, the choreographer who also did Rihanna’s Superbowl, Darion Ja’von the musical director who also works with Usher, Ice Spice and many others.”

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