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AI technology brings Elvis Presley to life


The legendary singer Elvis Presley is set to make a virtual comeback through the innovative show, ‘Elvis Evolution.’

Elvis Presley. Picture: Instagram.

THE legendary singer Elvis Presley is set to make a virtual comeback through the innovative show, ‘Elvis Evolution.’

This concert experience, powered by artificial intelligence and holographic projections, promises to transport audiences through the iconic moments of Presley’s musical history like never before.

Scheduled to debut in London in November, “Elvis Evolution” is a collaboration between British immersive entertainment specialists, layered reality, and the global rights holders for the project.

Layered Reality, known for their expertise in creating captivating experiences such as “The Gunpowder Plot” and “Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds,” is set to elevate the concept of virtual concerts.

The core of”Elvis Evolution“ lies in the utilisation of AI technology, which will bring to life a digital Elvis Presley.

The holographic projections are crafted from thousands of the singer’s personal photos and home-video footage, meticulously compiled to recreate the essence of the King of Rock and Roll.

This ambitious project aims to capture the spirit and energy of Presley, presenting a life-sized digital avatar that will perform iconic moments in musical history on a UK stage for the first time.

Following the success of other virtual concert experiences, such as “Abba Voyage,” which featured avatars of the Swedish pop band, “Elvis Evolution” seeks to push the boundaries of modern entertainment.

The show is not merely a tribute but a cutting-edge combination of art and technology, designed to provide audiences with a jaw-dropping and unforgettable concert experience.

After its debut in London, “Elvis Evolution” is set to tour across major global cities, including Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.

This international journey reflects the anticipation and excitement surrounding the show, as fans worldwide eagerly await the chance to witness the resurrection of Elvis Presley through this unprecedented fusion of AI and holographic technology.

The show’s central London location, yet to be officially confirmed, is expected to become a hub of Elvis-themed entertainment.

Beyond the modernised concert experience, attendees can indulge in an Elvis-themed bar and restaurant, complemented by live music that pays homage to the legendary artist.

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