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10 wardrobe essentials to help you get through the cold season


If you want to survive this autumn/winter, you must have the following items in your wardrobe.

You must have a bomber jacket in your winter wardrobe. Picture: Pexels

SOUTH Africans must brace themselves for this autumn/winter because, with all this rain and wind, it’s bound to be a chilly one.

I know every year people tend to say: “This year’s winter is going to be cold” as if there is a warm winter but it looks like the people are correct this time.

Of course, it’s not going to be the type of cold one experiences in Europe but there will be many complaints once the temperature starts dropping significantly.

Since we cannot change the weather, we can, however, prepare for it no matter how unpredictable it is.

Below are the fashion essentials you will need.


You can never have too many coats, not when it’s cold. Make sure you have as many coats as possible in different designs.

For example, your wardrobe must have at least one fleece coat, preferably in cream or nude. You must also have two trench coats in black and beige that will be your saviour when it’s time to slay.

Whether you’re a gent or a lady, you need a trench coat.

Bomber jackets

You can’t always look formal in winter. Sometimes you want to wear casual and still be warm – that’s where bomber jackets come in. They are usually more attractive in bright colours, so don’t be shy to look colourful in winter, it’s normal.

Bomber jackets look better in bright colours. Picture: Pexels


You don’t necessarily need to invest in beanies but you can explore with other hats as well.

Cordobes are trending in winter and they seem to match well with trench coats. If you’re looking for something warmer a coonskin hat is the best option, unless you’re going for a casual look.

Berets are also winter staples. Picture: Pexels

Linen skirts

While linen may be known as a lightweight material, there are thick linen skirts that are perfect for winter.

The best ones are midi length with wide pleats that offer a more defined look – those are the skirts you should invest in if you want to look elegantly stylish this season.

You can never go wrong with a pleated linen skirt. Picture: Pexels


You can never go wrong with wool – that’s why knits are trending even in summer. This season, make sure you invest as many knits as you can.

From turtle-necks to cardigans, you will need all of them for layering. And to seal everything, an oversized knitted jersey takes the cup.

Knits are a must-have in winter. Picture: Pexels.


Cold or not, you will still need to run errands, and that’s where joggers come in. Have at least three sets of tracksuits with matching hoodies if you want to survive winter.

That way you will still look cute and warm during your errand run.

You need tracksuits for running errands. Picture: Pexels

Baggy jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe must-have regardless of the season. The baggy ones are best for winter because you can always layer them up.

For example, you can always wear tights underneath your jeans, that way you can keep warm without compromising on your swag.

Move over skinny, baggy jeans are the in thing. Picture: Pexels.


You can’t always wear boots. Sometimes you have to rock sneakers, and the most suitable ones for winter are Nike Air Force 1 or any Jordan sneakers.

Stay away from Converse All-Star in winter unless you want your toes to freeze – those sneakers are not designed for cold seasons.

Nike AF 1 sneakers are best for every season. Picture: Pexels


As long as the cold exists, onesies will never go out of style. They are perfect for when you are couch potatoes and don’t plan on going out. Onesies are best paired with slipper boots.


Make sure that you have boots in different lengths and sizes. For example, you must have at least one pair of ankle boots, thigh length and knee length. All of them will come in handy, depending on you look for the day.

You must own boots in different lengths. Picture: Pexels
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