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It should’ve been me: SA’s hilarious reaction to man who blew R193m lottery winnings


Mzansi says lottery winner was a fool and should have made better financial decisions.

Reader said cocaine and orgies shouldn’t be a priority after winning millions. Picture: Pexels

THE news of Michael Carroll, who reportedly spent all of his £9,736,131 (about R193 million) lottery winnings, took some readers by surprise, and they did not hold back in commenting on the Englishman’s use of his fortune.

To summarise, according to reports, Carroll, who worked as a delivery man before he won the lottery, spent his money on cocaine for breakfast, alcohol, sex workers, and massive sex parties at his mansion that he is said to have called “Roman-style orgies”.

In his heyday, Carroll supposedly spent R996,429 on these escapades involving drugs and intercourse, said the “Daily Star”.

“Women would just come up to me and offer me sex. The girls would have all their gear off and they’d be serving cocaine on silver plates,” he reportedly said.

Mzansi’s views on his financial decisions are a mixed bag, with some readers saying “Yolo,” while others are aghast that Carroll could finish that amount of cash over “frivolous” things.

Here are some of Mzansi’s hilarious comments:

“Now that’s what I call ‘blowing’ the money away.” – Marita Zietsman

“We live to die. What if that’s all he ever wanted to experience once and get back to his usual normal day to day life.” – Nicholas Masiiwa

“Moron in the making had some luck and blew it away 😂😂😂😂that is what we call walking with a hole in your head.” – Henry Tshabalala

“I just need a chance to prove this won’t happen to me, with regard to the spending.” – Keegan Haskin

“That is a fool of fools … If that was me … I would still be left with something like R90 million still stashed away.” – Ndim Lo Kanye

“I need God and my ancestors to team up bangithi nje … test njana!!” – Brian Buys

“At least he used it for the things he likes.” – Tman Kankas

“This doesn’t even make sense!!!! Give me a quarter of those earnings and I will double it!!!!” – Lenore Nomdeaux

“R193 million is peanuts, ask the ANC, they blow that as small change.” – Erik Westra

“Man he must have had fun. That’s how its done.” – Dixon Cider

“Are you trying to discourage me from gambling?” – Master Pelo

The former millionaire allegedly had to declare bankruptcy in 2013, and he ended up spending three months in a hotel for the homeless after failing to find work.

“I live a good, free lifestyle now and I am happier because I have got my life back, I am a skint (having little or no money available) lottery winner. “I reckon I am lucky to be alive. If I still had the money I’d be six feet under,” he was quoted as saying.

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