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Rugby star from Prieska called up to provincial team

Dwyane Libbe, Gariep High School learner in Prieska has been selected to represent the Northern Cape in the upcoming Craven Week challenge. Picture: Supplied

DWANE Lubbe, a 16-year-old pupil from Prieska, has indicated that he is steadily reaching his dream of one day possibly representing his country; this after he was selected to represent the Northern Cape province at the Craven Week Tournament scheduled for July.

Lubbe told the DFA that he felt elated that his talent and playing skills were recognised during the Wildeklawer Tournament which took place in Kimberley two weeks back.

“There were so many talented players from across the country who played in the Wildeklawer tournament,” Lubbe said. “The Wildeklawer is one of the greatest school sport tournaments and it is always awesome to compete with other players from other parts of the country. I am so honoured to be selected to be part of the provincial team which will play in the Craven Tournament.

“One dreams of moments like these and when they do happen, it feels so surreal,” he added.

He said he has always believed that should he remain focussed on his passion and skills in rugby that he would one day represent his province.

“I have always wished and worked hard to get to this point. In my mind I have thought I might make the cut next year. Now it has happened even earlier than what I was thinking. It is absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I get to display my passion on this level.

“I am hoping that one day I will get to display my talent nationally should I get the opportunity to play for the Springboks,” he chuckled.

Dwayne’s father, Wayne Lubbe said he is happy his son’s dedication has paid-off.

“Dwayne has been playing since a very young age. We saw his potential when he was at primary school already. At the age of 11, he was selected to play in the Wildeklawer. I could see back then already that he is playing with a mission and he has the talent for the sport,” said the proud father.

He said is proud that his son never gave up on achieving his dreams.

“We do not have sporting facilities to equip or grow our children’s sporting talents here in Prieska. We really need to look into that as a community. We have a great lack of training facilities or gymnasiums,” he said.

“Dwyane used to practise at the local gymnasiums. Even when the gym closed, he did not lose hope. He took it upon himself and went to request from the principal of the Prieska High School whether he could use their training facilities.

“The principal luckily gave him the green light although Dwayne was not a learner at the school. When he came to tell me that he got permission to train at the other school’s facility, I knew that this child was not just playing around,” Dwayne’s father said.

Lubbe said despite the social challenges in the town, his son remained focussed.

“Rugby has kept Dwyane from a lot of trouble and mischief so many youngsters are today faced with. I hope that as he reaches his milestones, he remembers the (reason) he is doing all this. We always knew that he would get far with rugby and he has star potential as his dedication was always evident.

“He must apply that dedication and focus in all aspects of his life, and not just in rugby, then he will surely reach his greatest potential. Also, he can be an example that these dusty streets can produce many shining stars,” said Lubbe.

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