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Get to know your NC Heat player – Basheer Walters


DFA Sports Reporter Danie van der Lith is speaking to our Northern Cape Heat Cricket team with the intention of introducing them to our readers. Today he’s speaking to Basheer Walters

Basheer Walters. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Basheer Walters

Nickname: Bash, Bashox, Shocko

36 years old, born in Port Elizabeth

Usual slots in batting order: No.9

What other sports do you enjoy aside from cricket? Soccer

Was cricket always your game? Yes, I’ve played club cricket since the seventh grade.

Batter, bowler, or all-rounder? Bowling all-rounder

What is your happiest cricket memory? Taking my first 10 wickets. It was a tough game.

Do you model yourself after a famous cricketer? No, I don’t model myself after anyone.

Your biggest sporting hero outside of cricket? Sir Alex Ferguson

Favourite Book? Cathy and Mark

Favourite Series: Lucifer

What do you prefer: net practice, fielding practice or gym work? I’d prefer middle practice … it’s more realistic.

Hamburger, pizza, or fried chicken? Pizza and hamburger are gharaam

Favourite fielding position? Gully

Least favourite place to field? Short leg

In your opinion, name the best international cricket team. Australia

Is there a quote that keeps you going when times get tough? Patience is the key to success. Your biggest competition is the person in the mirror.

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