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Emthanjeni clubs gun for regional league status


The association completed their inter-stream positional play-offs in De Aar last week.

TOP GUNS: Emthanjeni LFA winners – De Aar’s Eleven Experience. Picture: Supplied

Hanover’s RDP FC and De Aar’s Eleven Experience will represent Emthanjeni Local Football Association (EMLFA) in the Inter-LFA play-offs as they vie for a place in the upcoming Safa Regional Men’s League of the Pixley Ka Seme district on September 10-11.

According to EMLFA secretary, Elvis Botha, the association completed their inter-stream positional play-offs in De Aar last week (July 31). “We have just finished our league season for the 20221/2022 season,” Botha told the DFA.

“We have crowned our zonal winners of De Aar and Hanover namely Eleven Experience of De Aar and RDP of Hanover. We have also crowned our junior champion teams from De Aar in the Under-13 and Under-15 age categories.”

Emthanjeni LFA secretary Elvis Botha. Picture: Supplied

Botha explained that in the junior Under-13 LFA section the three top ranked teams were Eleven Experience FC, Barcelona Tigers and Spartans.

In the Under-15 segment the top finishers were Stars of Hope, Eleven Experience and Gunners FC.

Botha said: “We want to thank the junior’s management teams for the time they give to these children. Juniors are the foundation and development of every structure of an organisation. As an association we are grateful for the registered football clubs participating in our leagues.

“However, the clubs need our assistance and support in all levels of growth and development from the structure down to player development.

“In order for us to reach this milestone we rely on financial support to enlarge the territory of development in football and fight the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol and crime in our society by addressing it through football or sport.”

Hanover’s top achiever RDP FC. Picture: Supplied

Botha elaborated how the various divisions of the association ended in the season’s rankings :

The LFA De Aar Zone1 log standings

Eleven Experience

Computer Cosmos

Barcelona Tigers

Kareeville Spurs



Young Tigers

Shakes United


Blackpool United

Future Stars

Joel United

Kings Amakhosi

Blackburn United

Ocean Swallows

Hanover zone 1 log standings



Hanover Curlies

Hanover Pirates

Hanover Sundowns

Hanover Juventus

Hanover Rovers

Hanover Ajax

LFA Juniors – Under-13

Eleven Experience

Barcelona Tigers


LFA Juniors – Under-15

Stars of Hope

Eleven Experience


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