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Classic Clashes: Northern Cape High ready to storm DHS fortress


The DFA’s Danie van der Lith recently interviewed three coaches from Northern Cape High School, representing rugby, hockey, and netball, to discuss the school’s and the teams’ preparations for the Classic Clashes. Here are their insights:

Seen from left: Aiden Brooker, Head of Hockey at Northern Cape High; Shouneez Clouts, Head of Netball and Netball Coach; and Deon Carney, Head of Rugby. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The DFA’s Danie van der Lith recently interviewed six coaches, three from Hoërskool Diamantveld (DHS) and three from their opponents Northern Cape High School (NCH), representing rugby, hockey, and netball, to discuss the schools’ and the teams’ preparations for the Classic Clashes. Here are their insights:

NCH Rugby

Deon Carney, the head of rugby at Northern Cape High School, expressed satisfaction with the team’s progress, highlighting the absence of injuries as a significant advantage in maintaining their momentum.

Reflecting on recent matches, Carney noted that despite losses against formidable opponents such as Paarl Boys High and Grey College during a second-team tournament in Kimberley, the team showed some promise. These experiences, he emphasised, serve as valuable learning opportunities to refine their strategies leading up to the anticipated clashes.

Carney elaborated on the team’s varied preparation regimen, citing successful outings against Fichardt Park, as well as Landboudal and Louis Botha. Additionally, games against teams from out of town, with both wins and losses, have fortified the team’s readiness for the forthcoming challenges.

Acknowledging the formidable prowess of their adversaries and hosts, who boast impressive recent victories at the Wildeklawer, Carney acknowledged the underdog status of NCH. And with the blend of youthful talent and seasoned players within their ranks, Carney emphasised the team’s hunger for success and their potential to deliver an impressive performance on game day.

In anticipation of an intense showdown, Carney affirmed the team’s commitment to leaving it all on the field, emphasising the mutual determination of both schools to secure coveted bragging rights. As the eagerly awaited clash approaches, anticipation mounts for a riveting display of skill and sportsmanship.

NCH Hockey

Aiden Brooker, the head of hockey at Northern Cape High School, provided the DFA with an insightful overview of the team’s journey this season. Acknowledging a challenging start marked by a roster of inexperienced and youthful players, Brooker expressed optimism about the gradual development of both the boy’s and girl’s teams.

Amidst the perennial expectation of the Northern Cape’s hockey prowess, the team recently returned from a significant tournament in Johannesburg. Despite valiant efforts, the girls’ journey halted in the semi-finals with a 3-0 loss, while the boys narrowly missed victory in the final with a 2-0 outcome.

Reflecting on the tournament, Brooker highlighted its pivotal role in propelling the team forward. He emphasised the monumental anticipation surrounding clashes involving the Northern Cape, fueled by the team’s recent successes.

Looking ahead, Brooker anticipated tough encounters against Diamantveld, recognising their formidable growth in hockey over the past half-decade.

NCH Netball

Shouneez Clouts, the head of netball at Northern Cape High, provided an optimistic update on the team’s preparations for the upcoming Classic Clashes. Reflecting on recent league games, Clouts expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance so far.

However, she acknowledged that the level of competition wasn’t as formidable as anticipated, and viewed it as an opportunity for growth and development.

When discussing rival team Diamantveld, Clouts highlighted their formidable advantages, including height and top-notch facilities. She particularly singled out standout player Marie du Raan for her prowess on the court.

Addressing the challenges faced by her own team, Clouts admitted to a lack of height but emphasised their focus on speed and agility in training. Despite falling short against Diamantveld in the previous season, Clouts remains undeterred, noting a clear strategy for improvement this year.

With determination and a strategic approach, Northern Cape High School’s netball team is poised to overcome obstacles and make their mark in the upcoming clashes.

The Classic Clashes spirit is high at Northern Cape High School as preparations are underway for this weekend’s derby at Diamantveld High School grounds. Picture: Danie van der Lith
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