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Classic Clashes: Diamantveld coaches have their teams honed


The DFA’s Danie van der Lith interviewed three coaches from Hoërskool Diamantveld, representing rugby, hockey, and netball, to discuss the school’s and the teams’ preparations for the Classic Clashes.

From left: Diamantveld Rugby Head Coach Philip Molnar, Sports Organiser and First Team Netball Coach Bethenie du Raan, and Hockey Organizer and Under-16 Coach Erlank Barnard. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The DFA’s Danie van der Lith recently interviewed six coaches, three from Hoërskool Diamantveld and three from their opponents Northern Cape High School, representing rugby, hockey, and netball, to discuss the schools’ and the teams’ preparations for the Classic Clashes. Here are their insights:

DHS Rugby

Philip Molnar, the Under-19 rugby coach, reflecting on the team’s recent success at the ABSA Wildeklawer, emphasised the importance of teamwork and values. “It’s not just about the results; it’s about how the team worked together as a group,” he said.

“We decided to adopt the motto ‘pressure is a privilege’, which has carried us through to maintain our momentum,” he added.

When asked about their goals and inspirations for this year’s Clashes, Molnar emphasised the team’s commitment to their faith. “Our goal in each and every game is to thank the Heavenly Father for the talents he has given us,” he shared. “We aim to leave everything on the field and play in a manner that would put a smile on His face.”

The coach added, with regards to their preparation, “We had a busy three weeks, with the boys playing seven games. We focused a lot on recovery in the last couple of weeks, trying to get our boys healthy and ready. We also put a lot of time into video sessions with the boys.”

When asked about desired outcomes, Molnar shifted the focus away from results. “For us as a coaching group, it’s not about the outcome; it’s important to be clinical in every aspect of what we do,” he asserted.

In closing, Molnar took the opportunity to extend well wishes to players in both the DHS and NCH camps, offering a poignant message.

“I want to wish both sides good luck for this upcoming fixture,” he says. “To the matriculants, remember: build memories that will be with you for the rest of your lives.”

DHS Hockey

Erlank Barnard, a former student of Diamantveld High School and now the hockey organiser and Under-16 hockey coach, discussed the team’s readiness and hopes for the upcoming Classic Clashes.

Looking back at Diamantveld’s hockey history in the clashes, Barnard recognizes the difficulties they’ve had, especially against Northern Cape High School. However, drawing from his own experience playing against their old rivals, he’s hopeful about this year’s preparations.

“Our practice and match sessions this year have been really good,” Barnard told the DFA, this despite constraints faced during Astro session time slots in Kimberley. He says that the team has managed to overcome obstacles and focus on their training.

With recent successes in league matches and a productive tour, Barnard sees these experiences as crucial in building up to the clashes. “We have some really talented players coming from the under-16 side,” he notes, emphasising the potential impact of these young athletes in the first-team ranks.

As the team gears up for the clashes, Barnard looks forward to seeing how the players perform under pressure. With a combination of seasoned veterans and emerging talent, Diamantveld High School’s hockey team is poised and determined to make their mark in this year’s Classic Clashes.

DHS Netball

Bethenie du Raan, sports organiser and first-team netball coach at DHS emphasised the importance of enjoyment and sportsmanship. “I really just want all the players to enjoy these Classic Clashes and, while doing so, maintain good sportsmanship throughout the competition. At the end of the day, that is all that matters,” she stated.

Du Raan also expressed satisfaction with the team’s training sessions leading up to the Clashes. “Training has been good, the players’ spirits are high, and the bonds between players are strong,” she noted.

Recalling their recent participation in the ABSA Wildeklawer tournament, she highlighted the team’s resilience against formidable opponents. “We played against really strong teams and only lost by very small margins, which shows how competitive we are,” she remarked. “As a coach, I realised the intensity of the matches, and we will need to work on that for future games,” she added.

Looking ahead to the upcoming clashes, Du Raan shared her optimism about her team’s readiness. “Our players are feeling good. We are still recovering from seven hard matches at the ABSA Wildeklawer, so we will just stick to the basics during the classic clashes,” she explained.

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