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Boys’ High soccer captain keen to get the ball rolling

Boys High School U-19 soccer captain, Keorapetse Letshabo. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The Kimberley Boys’ High School’s Under-19 soccer team is preparing to make the most of their opportunities during the coming weeknd’s sports bonanza. In fact, the KHS captain is eager for the soccer to get under way during the Absa Wildeklawer School Sports Tournament.

Speaking to the DFA, Keorapetse Letshabo said that this will be his second year playing for the Under-19 soccer team at the Wildeklawer tournament.

“We played well last year, but unfortunately we fell out in the group stages, but this year our team is doing well, and I am sure we will be doing much better this year.

“We are facing HTS Louis Botha, Potchefstroom High, and Glenwood this year. All these schools are very big and have good teams, so we will have to see where we stand as a team when we face them.

“This will show us if we are on par with the other teams, he said.

Keorapetse said that if they can perform well, stick together as a team, and stick to their game plan, then he sees his team doing better than last year.

“We practise together every day as a team, so we know each other’s playing styles, and that helps a lot in the long run to do well, but if things go south and the moods are down, the seniors will play a key role in motivating the rest of the team,” he concluded.

Bringing soccer into the Absa Wildeklawer Tournament shows that there is room for expansion. And with the organisers doing such a good job with what’s currently on their plates, who knows, maybe in the not too distant future some other sports like hockey and tennis will also feature.

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