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WATCH: Netizens outraged by islander being denied entry into restaurant because of his neck tattoos


It’s doesn’t matter if your the tattoos are covered up says family restaurant as man tries to enter the venue with neck tattoos.

A male model with neck tattoos similar to those on Pacific Islanders. Historically there was no writing in Polynesian culture so the Polynesian’s used tattoo art that was full of distinctive signs to express their identity and personality. Picture: Unsplash

SOME restaurants and bars have strict dress codes and it’s not uncommon for people to get denied entry because of the way they look.

But that’s exactly what happened to TikTok content creator and athlete, Jaden Laing, who took to the social media platform and shared a video of how he was denied access into an Australian restaurant because of his tribal neck tattoos.

The video, ‘I tried to get into Burleigh Pavilion 😂🚫 #goldcoast #tattoos’, starts out with Laing at a store buying a polo-neck so he can cover up his neck tattoos and, hopefully, be allowed to get into the restaurant, Burleigh Pavilion, in Burleigh Heads, Australia.

@jadentysonlaing I tried to get into Burleigh Pavilion 😂🚫 #goldcoast #tattoos ♬ original sound – Jaden Laing

“I’m getting into Burleigh Pav. I’m going to be the first islander in Burleigh Pav with neck tattoos in history,” said Laing.

Laing then proceeds to the restaurant with 2 of his friends and, as he approaches the door at the restaurant, he is stopped by the restaurant security who asks him to lower his polo-neck to make sure that he doesn’t have any neck tattoos.

After Laing reveals that he is uncomfortable with showing his neck, the manager of the restaurant is called in and Laing is still denied entry.

According to Burleigh Pav’s website, the restaurant is a family and community-oriented venue and guests with tattoos are welcome, however, their policy does not permit intimidating, aggressive or offensive tattoos, clothing or behaviour which may offend or intimidate other guests or staff.

“Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person with a head or neck tattoo that is deemed inappropriate for the venue, discretion may be used on factors such as size and nature.

“Regarding cultural or religious tattoos, we believe everyone’s tattoos have equal significance to them, and welcome all guests with tattoos equally, provided they are within the guidelines of our house policy stated above.

“Face tattoos are not permitted in the venue.”

Social media users were not too pleased about Laing being denied entry and this is what they had to say.

TikTok user @curtismiller220 said: “but if u cover the tattoos why does it matter?”

Another user, @jordanisabeasthehe, said: “It’s a f’d up restaurant with a club vibe Fri-sun. It’s so messed up.”

@memphis_yh said: “Burleigh Pav is boring brother, you lost nothing. Great view in there tho 😂.”

Whilst @leemccormack117 said: “It’s 2024! What’s wrong with a neck tattoo? 🤷‍♂️”

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