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Covid-19 Debt Relief Program . . . do I qualify for help?



DID YOU know that the measures announced by the banks only apply to clients who are in good financial standing with banks. Banks are not going to give debt review clients payment holidays?

Ripple effect of a payment holiday, if granted

These payment holidays if granted put you at higher risk for financial difficulty due to spiked interest rates, balloon payments and increased installments over 3 to 6 months. Can you afford this?

Read more publications on Debt WiseGroups registered debt counselor’s website www.debtwisegroup.co.zato see first hand what banks are offering consumers as published on 26 March 2020.

Banking on a payment holiday or credit insurance may cause financial ruin in lockdown aftershocks.

Debt Wise group is a registered NCR practice no 652. Debt Wise has been recognised as a leading expert in the industry by being in the top 5 debt counselors of the country in the medium debt counselor’s category in 2018. With registered Social Worker and 3 qualified debt counselors we offer professional and practical solutions for your unique financial situation.

ACT NOW to be preventative in future loss of income effects by applying for a free assessment/ advice with Debt Wise group.

Debt Wise group offers Covid-19 Debt relief program for loss of income.

Debt Wise offers a NCR-approved debt relief program where consumers pay a reduced premium over an extended period to improve monthly cash flow to the family. This process protects your assets and insures dignity to the consumer in this difficult time.

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