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Hartswater residents fix their own water pipes


Farmers, businesspeople and residents of Hartswater have taken it upon themselves to fix the town’s water pipes after having struggled with water issues for the past three weeks.

Hartswater has been struggling with water issues. Picture: Supplied

FARMERS, businesspeople and residents of Hartswater have taken it upon themselves to fix the town’s water infrastructure after having struggled with water issues for the past three weeks.

Residents of Hartswater, Pampierstad and Jan Kempdorp said there was either no water or the water that did come out of the tap was unfit for human consumption.

Some members of the public suspected that the water woes could be “deliberate sabotage” as water tankering services were being awarded multimillion-rand contracts to distribute water.

They stated that there were six trucks and they only delivered water to certain areas once a day.

FF+ member of the provincial legislature Theo Joubert requested Phokwane Local Municipality to address the issue of water pollution.

He said a cattle farmer kept his livestock near the reservoir and cattle manure was being deliberately dumped into one or more of the dugouts and contaminating the soil and water.

“The main water pipeline from the water purification plant to the reservoirs, providing clean water to the residents of Hartswater and Bonita Park, was fixed in several places next to the fence leading up to the reservoirs. The water is still leaking at these points where the pipeline was dug open and water collecting in the dugouts seeps back into the pipeline.”

A local resident, Johan Heyns, stated that there had been several cases of diarrhoea in Hartswater.

He added that residents had taken it upon themselves to try and fix the leaks.

“A group of residents are busy identifying pipe leaks and are clamping the pipes and installing breakers at our own cost,” said Heyns.

“However, we are not permitted to perform any major work on the pipelines as we could be held responsible for tampering with municipal property if there are any damages.

“The old age home in Hartswater has been without any supply.”

Heyns pointed out that while the dam levels were satisfactory, residents’ taps remained dry.

“Borehole reserves are also dwindling and not enough chlorine is being used to sterilise the water.”

Heyns added that a body was found in the sewage water in Jan Kempdorp last week.

Police spokesperson Colonel Cherelle Ehlers stated that the police in Jan Kempdorp were investigating a murder case after the decomposing body of a man was found in a canal in Jan Kempdorp on February 13.

The police appealed to community members who may have any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspect to contact Sergeant Lionel Tau at 060 976 9068 or the Crime Stop number 08600 10111 or use the MySAPS app.

Another resident, Leon de Kock, added that they had managed to get water running from the pipes after clamping some of the pipes and reducing the water pressure.

“The water is of poor quality and isn’t safe to drink but at least there is a bit of water. Some areas are still without water.”

He believed that the new pipes that were installed, were too large for the capacity of the motors.

“Leaks are only being patched where sediment is entering the pipelines. Chlorine tablets are being used instead of chlorine gas to purify the water and the asbestos pipelines need to be replaced as it can cause tuberculosis.”

Phokwane Municipality spokesperson Kgalalelo Letshabo stated that civilians were not permitted to work on municipal infrastructure.

“There are officials appointed to do the work under the supervisor of their superintendents,” said Letshabo.

“The municipality also refutes claims that there is sabotage in supplying water in order to benefit the water tankering services.”

She explained that old infrastructure remained a huge challenge.

“Over the past weeks, the municipality has experienced pipe bursts wherein the municipal official had to fix the repairs. Water supply interruption notices were communicated to the public.”

She added that during load shedding, water could not be pumped into the reservoirs from the water purification plant.

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