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Local soccer team crowned world champs

Boys return heroes

Local soccer team crowned world champs

The Boitumelo Special School soccer team will be bringing back the gold trophy after they were crowned the world champions at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi

Looking for a rehab reason

Facilities are out of this world.

‘Rogue’ addicts kicked out of centre

He added that those service users who had “escaped” were put out of the programme and the court-ordered member was handed over to the police.

“Rouge” miners cause havoc

This “rogue” group is acting out of spite because they were forced to leave Greenpoint

Cosatu threatens strike

Various attempts were made by these affected workers to return to work but there is always a problem and they have had to survive without an income for the past two years.

Sol ready for Stage 5 and 6

“This is a difficult time. Many people are frustrated because of the uncertainty around what is happening. We fully understand the frustration."

‘Title deeds not an election ploy’

“Beneficiaries are listed on the title deeds register with Coghsta. There has never been any vote buying.”

Aarto Bill is flawed – AA

The AA pointed out, the provisions around demerit points appear to be geared more towards revenue collection than dealing with road safety

De Beers’ footprint fading away

“The review process was initiated as a result of the company’s reducing footprint in South Africa with the closure of Voorspoed Mine.”