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Secretary celebrates 40 years’ service at school

“I registered my first Sub A pupil, Caroline Adams, on the third day of my job.”

NC pupil to showcase research

“Fighting crime with malaria-fighting drug”

N Cape premier to launch Love Your School campaign

“Part of this programme is also to create the management and maintenance of sanitation facilities in schools"

‘forgotten school’

'We are the forgotten school because the department never mentions us or includes us anywhere in its annual school programmes'

Allergy threat as ragweed pollen spores are detected

“Weed control boards should add it to their invasive weeds list as soon as possible”

Parktown pupil not first child to drown at camp

“The training camp was attended by several schools from across the country, including Adamantia and Northern Cape High School from Kimberley.”

Dept denies NC school has no toilets

“This fairly new school has been vandalised by thugs, whether they are from the community or pupils”

City not affected by SAA’s consolidation plan

“SAA is working closely with its sister airline, Mango, to re-accommodate passengers on alternative services operated by both airlines to minimise disruption"

‘Heads expected to roll’

“It has hardly been a month since the ANC celebrations in Kimberley and we should be focusing on service delivery and not internal politicking"

Health dept vows to clamp down on misuse of vehicles

“The MEC has assigned a task team to investigate this matter without delay, and also to look into any other forms of misconduct and ill-discipline within this service.”