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Rapist gets 20 years

“However, subsequent to a police investigation, led by Constable Freddy Moamogwa, Malete was arrested in January this year after he was linked to both rape cases through DNA.”

City parents speak out on ‘smacking’

“We are responsible for raising upright citizens who will not become a menace to society. Our children need to be disciplined from an early age."

‘We will help elderlycouple get title deed’

“This was an infringement of the human rights of this old man. They wanted to leave him destitute. We will not leave this matter and will assist the couple to obtain the title deed to the house"

NC mine signs R3bn deal with Transnet

“This contract will offer us an opportunity to move three million tons of product from the Kalagadi Mine and Sinter Plant in the Northern Cape through to Eastern Cape Province ports"

Petition to declare drought a provincial disaster

“We are working very closely with organised agriculture to distribute fodder from the fodder bank. This has been on-going since the beginning of the year”

No date for hospital opening

The area has apparently been cleaned and the grass cut, while it is believed that the contractors are preparing to hand over the site in due course

‘Greening and conserving is the responsibility of everyone’

“Community members can start by separating the waste in their homes. They can have one refuse bag for all their paper, another bag for glass and another for their plastic waste."

Elderly couple can keep their home

“We are apologising to the family. We acknowledge that there were some officials who were not treating the elderly man with the necessary respect."

Volunteers wanted for Antarctica trip

Background verification, including criminal record, credit checks, security clearances, qualification and citizenship checks, as well as competency assessment and psychometric testing, may form part of the selection process

Fuel prices set to rise after drone attacks

The AA stated that because of the volatility of the factors which influence the local fuel price, movements are likely and the outlook will change before month-end