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We will set the example – Saul

“We have engaged in social compacts, through ongoing discussions with mines in the province to ensure that we reach our objective of a modern, growing, successful Province.”

Aim is still to boost tourism

“These projects will contribute immensely towards our aim of boosting our economy through Cultural Tourism”

DBSA set to help with service delivery

“This will guide the development of an implementable programme of action aimed at turning around the state of our municipalities.”

Toilet war looms

“The newly appointed service provider is immediately putting up his facilities at various sites.”

Pupils gassed during fight at city school

“A Grade 11 pupil was found in possession of dagga in his school bag, inside a classroom at Homevale High School yesterday.”

DNA links murderaccused and toddler

All the toddler’s genital organs were removed by means of a sharp instrument before a 4,9 kilogram stone was fastened to her body and she was drowned

‘Vicious’ dog given to new owner

“My husband loves dogs. We have had this dog for years now, but we feel it is not safe any more as we have children"

Pilchards off the menu at schools

The canned fish is a common item consumed in all schools which offer the NSNP to more than 9.2 million pupils every school day.

Farmers warned against aggressive land invaders

“The plant competes with grass for water and ultimately overtakes the existing grass domain and invades the area”

Road agency commits R4bn to NC roads

Government was determined to see more people benefitting from the economic opportunities presented by infrastructure programmes