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Mom raped in front of her disabled son

“I was sleeping and my disabled son was sleeping on the bed next to me. Fortunately my younger son, who is eight years old, was sleeping at my father’s house because he is afraid of the dark.”

City talent reaches for the stars

“I wasn’t sure that I would be able to attend the event due to financial difficulties so I started selling muffins and asking people for donations.”

January, February are least productive months

Fitting in a walk or a quick gym session during lunch will recharge your brain and release feel-good endorphins that will ensure that you finish the day strong

Caritas to host reunion

“Set up a modern building that meets the purpose of child care”.

Appeal to ‘victims’ of reckless lending

“As a result, the NCR initiated a full investigation into Shoprite’s affordability assessment and credit granting practices.”

Alexkor is yet another SoE ‘circling the drain’, says DA

Alexkor, the diamond mining SoE, boasted an accumulated loss standing at R173,6 million (2018: R13,9 million).

Left stranded

“Since the reopening of schools on Wednesday, I have spoken with a number of parents who are beyond frustrated and fed up with the lack of transport for pupils with special needs”

Infighting ‘rocking boat’ at Sol

“The decision to reshuffle Ngoma was taken by the REC as it is this body’s prerogative to improve service delivery"

“Mitigation measures have been put in place for tenders from private...

“Mitigation measures have been put in place for tenders from private companies to transport water to the area”

Airline set to fly solo

AIRLINK has announced that it has broken off its partnership with South African Airways and will operate independently under its own “4Z” flight code...