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Three more positive Covid-19 cases in N Cape

The total number who have tested positive in the Province is now 51.

Councillors ‘give’ themselves a pay increase

Ratepayers are currently forking out R31.8 million a year for councillors’ salaries and this has been budgeted to increase to R33 million for the coming 2020/21 financial year.

Budget reflects cash-strapped Sol’s challenges

This shows a more than R50 million budget deficit and serious cash flow constraints.

SANDF deploys engineers to Hartswater to assist with water purification, distribution

According to a statement issued by the cluster, a team of engineers has been deployed to each province and are operational in five.

‘Back to school’ date moved

The MEC for Education, Mac Jack, said schools would reopen on June 8 regardless of the number of pupils.

‘Registering for homeschooling a lengthy process’

Registration for homeschooling must be done through the Head of Department’s Office and is, according to the Northern Cape Department of Education, at the parents’ own risk.

‘Elderly and disabled waiting for hours in hospital screening queue’

A relative of a patient who visited the hospital on Wednesday said that some patients were forced to sit on the ground as there were no seats.

Tariff hikes loom for city

According to the draft budget, it is proposed that rates will go up by 5.5%, electricity by 6.22%, water by 5.5%, sanitation by 5.5% and refuse removal by 5.5%.

It’s getting ugly for salons

They indicated that they are under tremendous financial pressure as they will still not be able to operate under Level 3 of the lockdown.

Cost of basic food staples soar by 7.8%

The price of foods in the supermarket trolleys of families living on low incomes increased R250 during the two months of lockdown so far.