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‘Who asked for this?’ – Mzansi reacts to Spur’s new look


Spur restaurants are getting a makeover which includes a new logo. Most people are saying the change isn’t necessary.

Spur’s new look. Picture: Supplied.

THE Spur has a new look and not everyone is loving it.

The well-known family-friendly steakhouse has been around for over 50 years, in fact, they will be celebrating their 56th anniversary in October, and everybody is familiar with their logo.

However, the iconic restaurant chain has decided that it’s time for a change and has embarked on a rebranding plan.

“Spur’s iconic restaurants are getting a refreshed look, promising new experiences, and allowing for even greater moments of joy,” states the press release.

Chief Marketing Officer for the Spur Corporation, Vuyo Henda comments: “Spur has always celebrated family by being welcoming, generous, inclusive and a place for celebration.

“The brand is now bolder, brighter, and more adventurous, offering more features, greater comfort with a space that is designed to reflect the vibrance and diversity of South African families,” Henda said.

“The brand’s well-known icon, the chief, has been refined with an eye-catching, stylised look. These visual changes, along with a streamlined, bolder, logo typeface, will enliven the brand not just in restaurants but also in communications, enhancing its digital presence.”

Spur’s new look. Picture: Supplied

While the new look is indeed bold, not many are in favour of it.

Twitter user @Zulu_Goku posted visuals of the new look with the caption: “What do you guys think?”

While there were a few people who thought the new minimalist good was a step into the future others thought that the change wasn’t needed.

“As far as simplified logos go, this is pretty good actually,” was one of the positive comments.

Another said: “Looks amazing to me, it’s modern.”

However, there were many folks who thought the rebranding wasn’t necessary.

“WHO ASKED FOR THIS,” exclaimed one person.

Another said: “Hate when people fix what’s not broken.”

“If it ain’t broke…” commented another.

“They created a solution to a problem no one ever encountered. Now we hate the solution more than the problem,” said someone else.


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