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WATCH: Would you try this viral ‘Flying Dutchman’ burger that uses caramelised onion as a bun?


It is time to elevate your burger game with the viral ‘Flying Dutchman’ burger.

Flying Dutchman burger. Picture: @shai_lethabo X

IN THE ever-evolving world of food trends, one recipe is taking the internet by storm – the legendary In-N-Out-inspired “Flying Dutchman” burger.

The “Flying Dutchman” is a legendary burger that can only be found on their secret menu.

What is so special about it? Well, this burger breaks all the rules.

As a popular American fast-food chain best known for its delicious burgers, fries, shakes, and other classic favourites, In-N-Out has become popular due to its commitment to fresh ingredients and quality service.

The restaurant has a cult following due to its limited menu and secret menu items like the “Flying Dutchman” burger, which consists of two beef patties, two slices of cheese, and no bun or toppings in between them.

This simple yet filling and tasty burger has become a fan favourite amongst their customers. As more people discovered the burger, its popularity began to grow, and soon it was being discussed, shared and celebrated all over the internet.

And now foodies across the world are making copycat recipes at home and they cannot get enough of the deliciousness that comes with it.

Many foodies have noted in their videos whilst making this special burger that you will not be missing out on the bread bun. They also note that the onions are caramelised to perfection, filled with umami flavour and it is way better than lettuce or tomato-wrapped burgers.

South African celebrity chef Lorna Maseko recently took to Instagram to show her followers on how to make the meal.

For the spread, Maseko used mayonnaise, ketchup, pepper and chillies, Worcestershire sauce, and salt. After mixing all the ingredients for the spread she started building her burger with caramelised onions, beef patties and cheese.

She captioned her post: “I’m not heading to LA anytime soon and I’ve been eyeing the #FlyingDutchman burger from In-N-Out!! So of course I had to try it! #NoRegrets.”

Actor Lerato Nxumalo also noted in a recent TikTok video that the “Flying Dutchman” is one of her favourite meals to make now in her day-to-day life.

On X, @Miss_Uthando wrote: “Tried the famous Tik Tok Flying Dutchman Burger. It is so good

Presenting the final product of the meal, @shai_lethabo wrote: “Onion-wrapped Flying Dutchman burger. I want to make it every day.”

Although many went crazy over it, some thought it was disgusting.

@shyenigmaa wrote: “I love onions but the Flying Dutchman burger looks disgusting.” While @caseytaylorrr said: “& yall nasty for making that flying dutchman burger. The onion on top is crazy!”

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