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WATCH: Debates spark as boy sleeps in his uniform to speed up school run


A mum’s revelation of how she speeds up her son’s morning school run has set the internet abuzz.

One mum has admitted to speeding her mornings up – by getting her son to sleep in his school uniform every night. Picture: Pexels/Oleksandra P

GETTING children ready for school in the morning is a monumental challenge for many parents.

This school run chaos even caused a child to resort to sleeping in his uniform every night, in a bid to get to school on time.

This admission was made by the his mother, known as “Miss Rachel,” on TikTok, who has since has racked up millions of views after admitting, “I dress my little boy for school at night.”

The woman, whose real name is Rachel Griffin-Accurso, explained on the social media site that: “We put on a nice new shirt, and sweatpants, super comfy, great for jammies. And then when we wake up, we just throw on sneakers.”

She added that while her method is temporary, it seems to be working for now.

“Someday I’ll teach him to wake up for school and get dressed. And that will be a very good thing to teach,” she said. “But I can’t do that right now. And that’s okay. I’m doing my best, and so are you. I love you.”

Her admission has since sparked mixed reviews on social media where she is facing both support as well as criticism.

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One TikTok user commented: “Takes five minutes to get them dressed.”

Another added: “It’s always good to be fresh in the morning and let them bathe when he wakes up. When kids sleep they sweat.”

“I can’t even imagine this I’ll be honest. In the UK we’re so ingrained in nightwear than daywear. I think it’s because of the weather.” “Please tell me this is a joke,” said another shocked user.

But several parents sided with “Miss Rachel,” adding that they were pleased with her honesty.

One commented: “We love you, thank you for letting us know that some people’s ‘normal’ is not always everyone else’s ‘normal’.”

Another user said: “My mom dressed me while I was sleeping every morning until middle school.”

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