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Tweeps support Nadia Nakai as she makes a clean break on fitness journey


The rapper also quit consuming alcohol and shared on Twitter that she’s been sober for three weeks.

Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram

THEY say summer bodies are made in winter and “Snakes In The Grass” rapper Nadia Nakai is doing exactly that.

Bragga, who is on day two of getting into shape, took to her Instagram Stories to share some of what she’s been doing to achieve a better lifestyle.

The routine included running on a treadmill, some light weigh-lifting and eating a healthy green salad from a wellness company known as Health Yourself.

But above all that, the “Young, Famous & African” reality star has also taken a break from consuming alcohol.

She took to Twitter to celebrate her three-week sobriety: “I haven’t been lit in 3 weeks! Yay me! 😊,” wrote Nakai.

While we aren’t sure how often Nakai enjoyed a drink or whether she has fully given up or not, her fans seem to think that it is great that she’s cleaning up.

A few weeks ago, Nakai seemed to be in a bad mental space.

Thinking about and speaking of her late rapper boyfriend, AKA, she posted on Twitter: “I miss him so much… I don’t fear death anymore because I know I might see him… nothing wrong with that. That smile? I can actually go hey…”.

Another tweet read: “I can’t listen to his songs… his voice… hai I can’t.”

In support of her new efforts to stay get healthier, @thabelomaanda wrote: “Well done Bragga 👌🏾u are committed.”

@braggaupdates wrote: “You really are serious about getting your body & health in order.😍🥰 it’s only one thing left for you to be serious about.. 🎶.”

Other fans sent their love. @ddt_golf25 commented: “thee queen hope you well sending love.”

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