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Ringo Madlingozi gives DStv Delicious Festival organisers the middle finger as he walks out mid-performance


The legendary musician said that he would not be going back to the festival until organisers speak to him and explain why they made him and his team feel small.

Legendary musician Ringo Madlingozi. Picture: Instagram/dstvdeliciousfestival

THIS year’s 10th DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival was not like last year’s disaster, but of course there had to be drama.

Legendary musician Ringo Madlingozi performed on day one of the popular festival but his set was cut short due to grievances he had with the organisers.

In videos circulating online, Madlingozi is seen mid-set telling the crowd that he won’t be returning to the festival and then he is seen walking off the stage.

Just before going backstage, he is seen putting up what appears to be the middle finger.

Festival goer @Kea_Nuri explained on X what led to the ‘Into Yam’ hitmaker being “fed up” and leaving the stage.

Madlingozi was the opening act on day one but he told concert goers that he wasn’t given the treatment an artist of his calibre deserves.

“He said he was treated like a nobody upon entering the venue, treated like trash by security,” narrated @Kea_Nuri.

“He also had a problem with being the opening act when his performance was not scheduled for opening, he says the organisers said ‘the people/his fans’ asked that he be the opening act.

“Said international acts were treated like VIPs, red carpets and all. Local artists didn’t get the same experience … hey he had a lot to say 😅”

Xers agreed that Madlingozi was right to demand fair treatment; even award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest agreed.

Don Billato tweeted his support for Madlingozi, calling him the “GOAT”. “Ringo deserves all the respect and more!!! He the GOAT!!!!”

Speaking on Radio200, the renowned musician shed light on what led to him walking off stage, citing a long waiting time for sound checks and being given a shorter performance time than agreed on.

In a statement issued to IOL Entertainment, Funeka Peppeta, media director for The DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival, said the festival aims to treat all artists with the utmost respect and professionalism.

“After 10 years of Delicious, we can proudly say that we have supported more South African talent than most over the years, from live performances to providing a platform for them to the festival goers as well as in media and social.“

Peppeta noted that the complaint by Madlingozi was a huge concern to the organisation and they would be investigating and resolving it immediately.

“Every artist, whether they are first on the bill or headlining, is treated equally – from the time they are booked to their experience on site. To hear that there is a complaint in this regard is a huge concern for us, and we will do our best to investigate the issue and resolve it immediately.”

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