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Kim Kardashian’s spine-chilling Halloween decor faces backlash


It’s no secret that the Kardashians have money to burn and going all out on extravagant decorations is practically their favourite pastime.

Kim Kardashian shared a video clip of her Halloween decorations this year and the viewers think she went too far. Picture: INSTAGRAM

YOU KNOW how it goes with the Kardashians – they’re all about those over-the-top holiday decorations. It’s like a family tradition, with everyone trying to outshine each other in the decoration game.

In a recent Instagram post, Kim Kardashian shared a video clip of her Halloween decorations this year and the followers think she went too far… again.

Despite the holiday’s eerie reputation, there was something undeniably unsettling about that video clip.

It appears that even in the midst of this spooky season, not everyone was on board with Kim’s display of the grim and grotesque.

Her followers, always ready to comment, just couldn’t resist pointing out that maybe, just maybe, she was floating in her own little bubble of “out of touch from reality.”

It seems like many viewers are expressing their concerns in the comment section, highlighting the recent Hamas and Israeli attacks and suggesting that Kim should be using her platform to share more valuable and insightful content, especially during such a critical time.

One wrote: “Kim, Palestine is getting carpet bombed. Maybe post some Armenian / Palestinian genocide solidarity content right now instead? Or a message of ceasefire?”

While another said: “You guys went too far, it’s actually uncomfortable to watch.

“Very cool and stylish, but couldn’t help thinking: imagine if that money was used to help with aid for people and animals in Palestine.”

Comments like these highlight how insensitive celebrities, not just Kim, can sometimes be when it comes to real-world issues.

The public often expects celebrities to use their influence and platform for more meaningful causes and when they prioritise luxury and extravagance over serious problems, it can give the impression of them being out of touch with reality.

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