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Fans accuse Doja Cat of satanism after new video features controversial symbolism


The 27-year-old has been courting controversy of late and her new music video takes things to another level.

Doja Cat takes the stage in Paris. Picture: YouTube Screenshot

RAPPER Doja Cat has developed quite the knack for drawing controversy in recent times.

The Grammy Award winner’s recent music video for her new single ‘Paint The Town Red’ has seen her return to the headlines once again.

But the drama really started a few weeks ago when fans began to criticise her for her rumoured relationship with controversial comedian J Cyrus.

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Now, with that storm still raging online, Doja has released a controversial music video that many on social media have dubbed “satanic”.

Featuring all the Illuminati and satanism imagery that is widely circulated on the net, Doja seems to fully embrace her role as the villain of the piece.

Predictably, the new video, which dropped on Friday, has garnered a lot of attention and seen users criticise the 27-year-old.

@vision4theblind tweeted, “Rapper Doja Cat’s newest video with straight satanism. These “artists” aren’t even trying to hide it yet people still idolize them.”

“I can’t even count the amount of singers and actors and actresses I had to stop following because it was very clear that they were all for the Satan,” responded @trudy_tuitasi.

@armonwiggins shared a theory, “Idk only thing I can think of is… Doja Cat is trying TO PURGE her hip hop audience.. Perhaps she wants to go in a different direction so she’s pushing really hard to turn a certain demographic Of people and fans away”

@mediumsizemeech linked Doja’s direction to her dating J. Cyrus. “Watching Doja Cat descend into madness ever since she started f***** that predator has truly been… something.”

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“Pop stars use satanic imagery in their music videos because you idiots take the bait every time, chimp out over it, and then their video goes viral as a result,” added @bronzeageshawty. “This is why the imagery is becoming way less implicit, and before u know it doja cat is literally dancing on the devil.”

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