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Black water: What is this beverage that people are going crazy over?


Black water has been the talk of the town on the internet.

Black water has been the talk of the town on the internet. Picture: Evocus Water Instagram

WE ALL drink water when thirsty but have you ever heard about black water?

It is said that water has no colour but nowadays black coloured water is also available in the market, which is said to be very beneficial for health.

Celebrities and popular figures on social media who often talk about their diets and routines, have been showing keen interest in “black water”.

This water is more expensive than normal water so not everyone can afford it. But, the question is, what is it after all? Why is it so popular and what are its benefits?

We did some research to find the answers to these questions and summed them up into this quick guide for you.

In the simplest of terms, black water is an alkaline solution with nutrients. It contains a few of the most essential minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and fulvic minerals.

The benefits of black alkaline water have been studied and reported by several researchers.

Some of the benefits reported from animal studies and a few human studies, are hydration, detoxification, anti-ageing properties, and improving bone and digestive health. Nowadays many celebrities drink this black water to boost their immunity.

It is reported to be directly related to better digestion. As a person’s digestive system functions properly, nutritional absorption improves which helps in boosting immunity.

It may take a little adjustment to get used to the dark tint of black water, but it is safe to drink. So, anyone can benefit from the comprehensive advantages of this alkaline drink. But it is also useful for athletes, gym enthusiasts, celebrities, or people with vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

As a result, many sportspersons, influencers and celebrities have been drinking black water. This has naturally led to its popularity as a healthy drink, especially among the youth.

The disadvantages? When consumed excessively black water may cause side effects such as confusion, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Some of the popular brands of black water include Blk Alkaline Water Original, Booster Black H2O, Vaidya Rishi Black Water and Evocus Black Alkaline Drink.

In conclusion, drinking water to stay well-hydrated is vital to keep the bodily functions of water in check. Health benefits and side effects of black water consumption have been reported by researchers.

Studies have reported instrumental effects on health with alkaline water consumption but due to the shortfall of reliable human studies on black alkaline water, it is advisable to consult a specialist before consumption.

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