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Anticipated health and wellness trends for 2024


“As people prioritise health and wellness – be it physical or mental – we are seeing a need for spaces that tick these boxes.

Dance is a form of exercise, self-expression and healing. Picture: Pexels Yan Krukau

“AS people prioritise health and wellness – be it physical or mental – we are seeing a need for spaces that tick these boxes.

“Ultimately they are becoming a home of sorts, and a meeting place for like-minded people who are on a journey seeking betterment,” said Robyn Schaffner from the Light House, a new holistic haven in Cape Town.

Schaffner shares her thoughts on what the wellness trends will be for 2024.

Biophilia exercises: communing with nature

There is a growing inclination for outdoor exercise. With this in mind, studios globally will feature a biophilic design that seamlessly integrates the indoors with the outdoors, allowing fresh air to permeate during temperate weather.

Dance as exercise, movement, and healing

Dance is a form of exercise, self-expression, and healing globally and this will be visible at Light House too. “By embracing the trend of free-form movement, we champion ecstatic dance as a conduit for releasing energy, achieving emotional catharsis, and reconnecting with the body’s innate wisdom.

“By promoting ecstatic dance, we shine a spotlight on its profound potential for holistic healing and personal transformation.”

Free movement: redefining exercise

In the realm of fitness, Light House embraces a back-to-basics philosophy with a twist.

“Celebrating the essence of free movement, our classes encourage participants to connect with their bodies on a deeply intuitive level,” explained Schaffner.

“The unique ‘Akasha’ class, blending Vinyasa flow, dance, and personal exploration, exemplifies this philosophy.

“Additionally, ecstatic dance and power and balance yoga sessions provide opportunities for uninhibited self-expression and playful engagement. It’s a matter of embracing movement in your own personal style.”

Bio-hacking: elevating wellbeing

The pursuit of optimal wellbeing remains a steadfast trend which is being explored through the lens of bio-hacking.

“By hosting enlightening talks and workshops with industry experts, delving into diverse well-being subjects, we are arming our clients with the information they need to improve their health.

“This includes an exploration of the intersection between spirituality and science, presenting a comprehensive perspective on holistic living.

“Workshops on topics ranging from mushroom stacking and sleep syncing to meditation and intermittent fasting will be offered,” said Schaffner.

Cacao is fast replacing the likes of flat whites and cortados. Picture: Pexels Samer Daboul

Cacao: wellness in every sip

Recognising cacao’s potential as an alternative to coffee, it is the ideal companion for those seeking sustained energy, focus and tranquillity.

In the realm of beverages, cacao is fast replacing the likes of flat whites and cortados thanks to its myriad of health benefits.

Need for mental and physical clarity: supplements abound.

Nootropics, adaptogens, and functional medicines will take centre stage in 2024.

These meticulously crafted supplements are designed to support mental and physical wellbeing, fostering a harmonious balance that empowers individuals to navigate the challenges of modern life with enhanced clarity and vigour.

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