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Kimberley residents can brace for water cuts


The proposed water cuts will take place this weekend to allow the municipality to conduct minor maintenance work.

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KIMBERLEY residents can prepare themselves for water cuts this weekend.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality indicated on Tuesday that a one-day water interruption would take place on Saturday, July 11.

Municipal spokesperson Thoko Riet said the interruption was to allow the municipality to conduct minor maintenance work.

“The upgrading of the Kimberley bulk water supply project is currently under way, with the first phase of the project completed last year. The purpose of the shutdown on the weekend of July 11, 2020, is to install two valves at the pump station that will allow both the 600mm and 965mm bulk water lines to be isolated from each other and to be able to operate independently. This will enable any future maintenance to be done on the bulk supply lines without interruptions to the supply,” said Riet.

She added that no major work would be conducted and no delays were expected.

“The work entailed for the weekend will only comprise the removal of two existing valves and replacing them with new valves, as the existing valves do not seal properly. Work on both valves will commence simultaneously to reduce work time.There will be no cutting or welding of pipes required and a smooth installation is expected.”

Riet added that all stakeholders would be consulted prior to the shutdown and JoJo tanks would be provided for the time when the water was off.

“JoJo tanks in the informal settlements will be filled prior to the shutdown.”