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‘Service delivery first’

The police intervened when protesters were trying to disrupt voting. No injuries were reported and at this stage the situation is calm and voting is continuing without any disruption

‘Mentally challenged have a right to vote’

“According to the IEC regulations, if a person has a mental disability they are not entitled to vote. If they are illiterate, however, they can vote and can have assistance to cast their vote.”

Counting starts after polling stations close

“We don’t have a choice, we must continue counting until the last ballot paper has been counted”

EFF members vote in Orania

“The EFF has made a resolution that no voting district should be without an EFF voter. It is a free country and everyone is allowed to vote anywhere in South Africa”

Political parties give IEC thumbs up

Another problem encountered by the party’s officials was a scanner not functioning properly. “This was resolved very quickly once we reported it”

Rubber bullets fly at voting station

“I stood my ground and told them that I have a right to vote.”

Voters hope to make a difference

“Even though I’m just voting for the sake of voting, I’m still hoping that this time it will be different that there will in fact be a better life for all.”

Last chance to woo voters

The EFF believes that the ANC will only receive 40 percent of the votes and the rest of the opposition will share the balance.

Sol is ready for election day

The Sol Plaatje Municipality has announced that it is ready to meet any water, electricity or sanitation challenges in Kimberley on voting day tomorrow.

Some voters still undecided

While others still are already wearing party T-shirts and are publicly proclaiming their support for the party of their choice on social media