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Zola will run Two Oceans and Comrades for her late brother


Her brother committed suicide last year.

WORLD-renowned South African multiple track-record holder Zola Budd-Pieterse has decided to run in this year’s Two Oceans and Comrades marathons in memory of her late brother Quintus Budd, who committed suicide last year.

Budd-Pieterse last ran in South Africa in 2014, at the age of 48, when she finished seventh in the ladies category of the Comrades Marathon.

While in South Africa she and her manager Ray de Vries will host business workshops and breakfasts.

“For every bad patch there is a good patch and only those who hang in there make it to the other side,” said Budd-Pieterse, who added that South African businesses are running their own Comrades.

”It is not easy and not everyone will make it to the next good patch, but those who persevere will live to see the new sunrise.

“Our talks and workshops will help inspire, enthuse and encourage people to hang in there and make it to the other side,” she said.

Born and raised in the Free State, Budd-Pieterse shot to world fame when, as a 17-year-old barefoot track runner, she broke American Mary Decker’s 5000 metres world record in 1984.

De Vries said she had qualified, on the basis of her Scottish paternal ancestry, to compete in international sports in the UK where she broke the 3000 metres international track record.

Budd-Pieterse achievements include being a world record holder of the 3000 and 5000 metres and world cross country champion thrice.

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