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Windies out to blow Australia away in Under-19 Cricket World Cup clash


In this Group 2 face-off, top of the table Australia goes head-to-head against third-placed West Indies, with both teams eager for a shot at ultimate glory in the competition.

The final match of the Men’s Cricket World Cup, hosted by the Kimberley Diamond Oval, will take place today when Australia takes on the West Indies in a Super Six clash starting at 10am. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Friday is shaping up to be a big day for the City’s cricket fans as all eyes focus on the Kimberley Diamond Oval for the Under-19 Cricket World Cup Super Six clash, which kicks off at 10am.

In this Group 2 face-off, top of the table Australia goes head-to-head against third-placed West Indies, with both teams eager for a shot at ultimate glory in the competition.

Australia will be stepping into the contest with a swagger, fresh from their dominating performance against England this past Wednesday at the same venue. The Down Under lads pulled off a stellar win, beating England Under-19 by 110 runs (DLS method).

The Australians set their opponents a healthy target of 267, after posting 266/6 in their 50 overs. Hugh Weibgein put in a Player of the Match performance with his blistering 120 off 126 balls, ably supported by opener Harry Dixon (53 off 63).

England never got going in their innings with only two of their batsmen, captain Ben McKinney (22 off 10) and Charlie Allison (26 off 16), making starts; none of the other batters gave the scorers much trouble.

Callum Vidler 5/29 and Rafael Macmillan 3/16 were the thorn in the side of the England batting.

Australia beat England this past Wednesday at the Kimberley Diamond Diamond Oval. The Down Under lads pulled off a stellar win, beating England by 110 runs (DLS method). Picture: Danie van der Lith

On the flip side, the West Indies are coming into the game with their heads held high after a hard-fought win over Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Chasing down Sri Lanka’s 231, the Caribbean team clinched a nail-biting victory by three wickets with just three balls to spare.

Steve Wedderburn led the charge for the West Indies with his gutsy 61 off 71 balls, with skipper Stephan Pascal (33) and Jordan Johnson (39) playing key roles.

Facing a must-win situation, the West Indies can’t afford to ease up now. With South Africa, the team above them in their group, facing off against Zimbabwe in Potchefstroom at the same time, a loss for the Windies in Kimberley would certainly add some plot twists to their progress in the competition.

As the teams gear up for the showdown in Kimberley, keeping an eye on the sky might not be a bad idea, as there’s a chance of thunderstorms later in the day.

However, the cooler, cloudy weather could play into the hands of the bowlers, as well as offering a bit of relief for the players in the outfield.

So, Kimberlites, get ready for an exciting day at the Kimberley Diamond Oval, where cricket passion will once again meet the thrill of competition!

Meanwhile, at a venue renowned for its warm hospitality, management and staff at the venue extended a heartfelt invitation and welcome to cricket enthusiasts flocking to the Kimberley Diamond Oval for the last match of the 2024 edition of the Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup to held in the city.

Amidst the anticipation and excitement, the venue promises an array of food and drink stalls, ensuring that no fan goes hungry or parched during this exhilarating sporting spectacle.

Gibson Molale, the esteemed President of Northern Cape Cricket, expressed gratitude to the passionate fans who have graced the Diamond Oval with their presence throughout the tournament thus far.

In a heartfelt acknowledgement, Molale emphasised the pivotal role played by the spectators in shaping the vibrant atmosphere that permeates the oval, resonating with the players on the field.

Gibson Molale, President of Northern Cape Cricket. Picture: Danie van der Lith

As the cricketing extravaganza reaches its final point for the Diamond Oval, Molale extended an invitation to all cricket fans, declaring the final match between Australia and the West Indies an unmissable spectacle.

With both teams exhibiting top-notch form, the clash promises a riveting display of skill and determination.

Acknowledging the success of the Diamond Oval as a host venue, Molale commended the dedicated efforts of the Oval staff. He proudly asserted that their hard work showcased Kimberley’s capability to host major cricket events, earning trust for future competitions.

It has to be said that the Kimberley Diamond Oval, a hub of cricket excitement, witnessed a unique challenge during the U-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup, with most matches scheduled on weekdays, impacting attendance due to the demands that the nine-to-five grind brought into the equation.

Yet, amidst this challenge, a heartening and positive occurrence unfolded at the Diamond Oval, capturing the spirit of the tournament.

Groups of schoolchildren, stepped into a world class cricket venue for the first time. This added a delightful touch to the World Cup ambiance.

Their infectious smiles and unrestrained joy painted a heart-warming picture, turning the Diamond Oval into a playground of excitement and discovery.

Learners could not hold their exitment while attending the U-19 Mens’s Cricket World Cup at the Kimberley Diamond Oval. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The little learners, in their newfound cricket haven, couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, expressing their love for the game through songs, applause, and the jubilant waving of posters into the air with each four or six.

Their genuine delight served as living proof of the game’s thrilling nature.

Load cheers and screams could be heard over the oval when a four and sixes were hit from the middle of the pitch. Picture: Danie van der Lith

This experience, a first for many young hearts, holds the potential to kindle dreams of standing in the centre of an oval, leaving their own indelible mark on the cricket pitch one day. As observed in previous games, the spark of that dream has undoubtedly ignited in some of these young souls.

The hope lingers that they find mentors and supporters who can nurture their burgeoning talent into something truly special — a cricket legacy that proudly hails from Kimberley.

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