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‘We’ll make sure European Super League doesn’t happen,’ says Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says his government will make sure the European Super League proposal won’t go ahead, while Gary Neville called for all clubs involved to have points deducted.

FILE – Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Alberto Pezzali/Reuters

CAPE TOWN – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to do everything he can to derail the proposed European Super League.

Calling the proposal as being “damaging to football,” Johnson said he would work with football authorities to oppose the move, according to Sky Sports.

The twelve clubs involved have come under fire since they announced plans to form a breakaway Super League.

“I don’t think that it’s good news for fans, I don’t think it’s good news for football in this country,” said Prime Minster Johnson.

“These clubs are not just great global brands – of course they’re great global brands – they’re also clubs that have originated historically from their towns, from their cities, from their local communities, they should have a link with those fans, and with the fan base in their community,” he said.

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Another critic of the proposal was former Manchester United, Gary Neville, who voiced his disgust at the club he’s supported his whole life.

“I’m not against the modernisation of football competitions, we have the Premier League, the Champions League, but I think to bring forward proposals in the midst of Covid and the economic crisis for all clubs is an absolute scandal.

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“United and the rest of the ‘Big Six’ that have signed up to it against the rest of the Premier League should be ashamed of themselves.

“They should deduct six points off all six teams that have signed up to it. Deduct points off them all. To do it during a season? It’s a joke.”

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