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There just seems to be no real solution for mediocre Bafana


It is still a painful experience too ghastly to even Google at the fear of being reminded of the unthinkable

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I regret having had my hopes up that the national football team, Bafana Bafana, would, for a change, put in a solid performance against a continental competitor such as Libya in the Caf Africa Cup of Nations qualifier that took place in Durban this past weekend.

That effort, as far as I am concerned, proved to have been pointless. One thing that our national side has not failed to do to us loyal supporters is to “disrobe and disabuse” us of our faith and pride in the national jersey.

It appears as if we give the team under Stuart Baxter’s mentorship much more credit than it is prepared to play for. To tell you the truth, at this point in time, I have exhausted what I thought were possible solutions for the national side’s predictably poor performances, even in instances where it should in truth have registered a “walkover”.

To start with, I sincerely thought Libya ought not to have had a national football team of any description at this point in its national life. Just look at the screeds of media reports concerning that country. The media keeps on assuring all and sundry that Libya does not really have what passes as a national Government.

This state of affairs occurred shortly after the death of erstwhile strongman and ruler Muammar Gaddafi. The latter was killed in the streets of the capital city Tripoli by a mob of his angry fellow countrymen. The end result was that all manner of men with weapons at hand took whatever vestiges of the land that they could lay their hands on and declared their rule over it for the world to note.

You see, the presence of a national squad is then an abnormality, if ever there was one, considering from where the side that played Bafana Bafana on Saturday afternoon are from. Compared to that, Baxter had all the luxuries in the world to pick a winning side with which to ensure our supremacy in this continental football competition. But no, Baxter’s side had other ideas, as it turned out.

Need I tell you that a draw is not a win. Gauging from the national mood that followed on this drawn game, it is proper that no sane and sober South African who is proud of the national jersey even saw fit to celebrate. Instead a number of digital brickbats were electronically hurled towards Baxter and his band of moribund men.

I dare add my own here too. So should you.

Baring in mind this weekend’s dismal performance and the prospect of meeting another of Africa’s much touted “morale breakers” in the form of the Seychelles on a home and away bais next month, the likelihood of progressing in this continental showpiece are dim indeed.

Pardon my gloomy predictions. But you’ll recall that not so long ago one of the neighbours to Seychelles – either Madagascar or Mauritius – thumped us in a Cosafa game not so long ago.

It is still a painful experience too ghastly to even Google at the fear of being reminded of the unthinkable.

You see the Seychelles, if they are clever, must by now have swapped notes on Bafana with that neighbour. Meaning that we can be assured of being taken down the ranking order a peg or two by a calculating minnow.

You mark my words.

Were Baxter’s Bafana a private corporation or even a politician, one would have prepared to vote them down at the next available opportunity. But that is not possible; for you see Baxter has his back covered by those who matter in the higher echelons of our football administration.