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Sol Plaatje University Launches sports brand


Prior to the actual brand reveal the University sports department took time to show off its spanking new, multi facility sports complex at the Windhoek Draught Park Stadium.

Student models parade in some of the Sol Plaatje University’s team colours for different sports codes. Picture: Neville Motlhabakwe

SOL PLAATJE University on Friday evening unveiled its sports brand called ‘SPU Sport’. Along with the branding the university introduced the brand’s mascot and the different apparel for the sports that its teams will be competing in, including what is to be its sports academy.

Prior to the actual brand reveal the University sports department took time to show off its spanking new, multi facility sports complex at the Windhoek Draught Park Stadium which they also own.

The highlight of the evening was when the university rolled out the red carpet for several student models who paraded the kit. The University then introduced the Gemsbok as its sports mascot dressed in its primary colours of red and navy. The generic term of endearment for the teams will be ‘Gemies’.

Construction is still going on at full blast at the sports precinct but already some structures have taken shape. From the Reservoir Road entrance on the north side there is already visible several red, face brick, double-storied structures that are situated at strategic points in the complex.

One of them, nearer the guarded boom gate entrance, was complete enough to host the contingent of guests invited to the event. This is primarily an administration block with an open air area in the middle, basically a piazza inside a four-walled zone.

A newly laid set of artificial turf surfaces for ball sports has already been laid out and marked complete with poles to the west of the sports complex. A double storied brick structure on the north end of this field houses the change rooms with a top level serving as a viewing platform for VIP guests.

The Sol Plaatje university guide said these artificial turf sources will be used for football, rugby, hockey and other ball sports. In the middle of the two artificial courts is a cricket crease complete with grass imported from India.

The launch was a well attended affair with many of South Africa premier sports federations presidents in attendance including executive personnel from the various university sports academies. This included James Moloi, president of Athletics South Africa, Cecilia Molokwane, president of Netball SA, Northern Cape Cricket president Gibson Molale, Ilhaam Groenewald, chief director of Stellenbosch Sport and Qondile Sompono director Institutional Advancement SPU.

Professor Crouch the University vice-chancellor said the branding exercise was to refocus the University brand to reflect particular colours and make it visible in the way the brand is recognised.

“If the brand is strong enough, if the brand is positive, like Sol Plaatje University then people will know about us,” Crouch said. “It will help us be more recognisable. This brand brings us more focus. It will make us more recognizable. One of our primary colours in our brand is red.

“We have a red that is partnered and matched with orange which signifies the desire of this institution to excel going forward,” he added.

The construction phase on the sports complex alone will wind down by the end of the year and the sports academy should be open by next year.

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