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Sol Plaatje LFA makes it clear where they stand


The ructions at Safa’s national headquarters are playing themselves out at the Sol Plaatje Local Football Association

The ructions at Safa’s national headquarters are playing themselves out at the Sol Plaatje Local Football Association (SPLFA) whose chairperson, Seabata Makhele, this week moved to distance the local organ from comments by Frances Baard regional president Gladwin White, who has been a vocal supporter of Danny Jordaan.

The SPLFA has issued a statement in which it widely castigated White for supporting Jordaan in his fight with his co-executive members at Safa.

Matters reached a boiling point this week when Safa national summarily dismissed two of Jordaan’s vice-presidents, Ria Ledwaba and Gay Mokoena for unspecified transgressions.

Former Safa CEO Dennis Mumble, who left the football organisation under mysterious circumstances two years ago, also came into the frame.

Makhele said, “The association (SPLFA) has noted the statements of both Mr Gay Mokwena and Mr Dennis Mumble on the leadership challenges of the president of Safa and the administrative challenges faced by Safa over the years.

“We condemn the double standards practised by both the former officials of Safa and the timing of their statements.

“Their (inability) to act on all the wrongdoings of Safa over the years (made them) accomplices to some of the same issues that they are raising currently.

“Over the years, the SPLFA had written letters to Safa in relation to assistance and interventions we sought on the disputes we had with the regional association on leadership and administrative issues. To date, not even an acknowledgement letter has been received.

“The same regional president (White) that they had been protecting is the same man that condemns their actions and rightfully so, as they had no moral conscience to correct issues raised during their tenure as senior officials entrusted with the task to assist member associations”.

Makhele added: “The SPLFA can relate to the issues raised as an affected party because, for almost three decades, the SPLFA has not benefited either financially or socially in all activities of Safa at all spheres of its operations.

“We are also of the view that if the issues raised by them (Mokoena and Mumble) are of such a serious nature, why did they not opt to report the matters to the relevant state bodies that deal with purported criminal activities, rather than prolonging the issue by raising it with the same body that they know will seek to protect itself through the same methods that they themselves used over the years.”

The statements made by the regional president of the Francis Baard Regional Association, by implication means that the region and province have met and taken a decision to support the status-quo at Safa and the leadership thereof.

“We hereby distance ourselves from the pronouncements of the regional president and reiterate that we would appreciate an opportunity for the region to convene an extended REC for the issues to be engaged on at the lowest level possible and influence the direction and position the region should take in responding to the issues of national importance.”

On Tuesday White declined an offer to respond to the SPLFA’s chairperson’s statement.

Meanwhile, Makhele emphasised that the SPLFA was not taking sides in the debacle at Safa but were merely pointing out that, as local structures, they had met to take a position towards Safa on which White could base his statements.