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Depleted Pes Porto team show their grit


Porto fans on the stands were, as one can imagine, incensed at the referee’s handling of the send-off incidents

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The Safa SAB log leaders in the Frances Baard region Pescodia Porto Football Club were held to a surprise 3-all draw against “The Friends” Juventus at a jam-packed Galeshewe Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Even at half-time the scores were tied at 1-1.

The turnout for this match was huge as evidenced by loads of spectators who arrived by bus, taxi as well as on foot to witness the game. However, they were sorely disappointed with the outcome of this needle game.

The match started relatively sedately even though referee Nelson Dingiswayo tended to attract some attention with his handling of the match control cards. By the end of the second half Dingiswayo had dished out three red cards for second bookable offences to three Porto players. Among those dismissed were Anthony Mbezi, Sheldon Petersen and Isaac “Shuffle” Dichabe, all who went to the showers prematurely.

Porto fans on the stands were, as one can imagine, incensed at the referee’s handling of the send-off incidents.

The goals in the match as they were, came first via Juventus striker Lorenzo Meyer who snatched the lead for his side; but this was cancelled by Porto’s Brad Martin in the 39th minute.

In the 56th minute, Porto super sub, Isaac Dichabe, gave his side the upper hand but this too did not last long as Duran Beyers helped his side catch up 2-2. Deep into the game, Juventus’ Shaun van Nel was unlucky to net one into his own poles handing Porto a 3-2 advantage in the process.

Then in the 78th minute, the referee awarded Juventus a penalty for foul play in the Porto goal area which was met with many protestations by the Porto players who felt hard done by with the decision. Beyers stepped up to the chalk area and netted to make it 3-3.

Porto coach Arlon Wilson had harsh words for the match referee after the game.

“If our soccer goes on like this, where it is obvious some teams are being favoured like in giving out three red cards, it is simply going to turn into a laughing stock,” Wilson fumed.

Juventus owners Ben and Thabo Springbok, however, were pretty satisfied with the outcome as can be expected. “Porto has really met their match this time around,” was their suggestion.

Meanwhile, in another game in Barkly West on Saturday two Porto players also got sent off the pitch in a regulation game against Amakipkip in the Safa SAB League.

This time it was referee Cedric Skilpad handed out the marching orders to the two players. However, the Pescodia side went on to win the match 3-2 against Amakipkip.

Scores round-up

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Pescodia Porto 3-2 Amakipkip

Juventus 1-1 Junior Tigers

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Real Madrid 6-2 Dalton Brothers

Dalton Brothers 3-3 Black Stars

Macarena 1-0 Kwa Nobantu Celtics

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