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Banyana tops COSAFA


One notes with regret that Orlando Pirates needlessly decided to adopt a rather cautious approach to their CAF Champions League campaign

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Our women’s football team Banyana Banyana soothed their wounded ego’s with an emphatic triumph in the Cosafa Cup by capturing the regional trophy for the third time, which is just the tonic they needed to repair after their terrible pasting in the last Fifa Women’s World Cup.

With that silverware safely locked away in the team cabinet one very much suspects that the confidence in themselves has been restored and they should now be ready to fry bigger and better fish that crosses their path.

Now the head honchos in the Safa corridors have their way clear to crank up the much talked about women’s professional league. I get a thrill just thinking what this team will be like when next they have a solid and tested feeder line from the lower ranks that fattens the talent pool for our national team selectors. Way to go Desiree Ellis and company!

On somewhat of the same tone with regard to the men’s continental competitions. One notes with regret that Orlando Pirates needlessly decided to adopt a rather cautious approach to their CAF Champions League campaign. The Sea Robbers went away to Zambia to face Green Eagles and decided to collar themselves by not including their most potent striker namely Thembikosi Lorch in the line-up. One wonders why that is often the case with clubs?

At this rate, we shall never see the score record books being shaken by the likes of Lorch despite him playing his best football ever. That the youngster is in his prime and on a roll seems not to matter one jot to the coach. In my book that is as selfish as you can imagine. This tactic focuses on the preservation of the coach’s job rather than the excellence of the athlete.

In this regard, one can vouch without fail that the coach has in all likelihood discounted the importance of the CAF Champions League in favour of doing better at home in the domestic league. How sad! With that approach we, the fee-paying povo in the stands and on the couches, are never going to see our best strikers getting over, say, the 50-goal mark in any year same as their peers in other federations do. Because they are simply being denied scoring chances to save the coach’s bacon. Bollocks with that [email protected]*&t!

I see too that around RSA central Bloemfontein Celtic has decided to disabuse all and sundry of the notion that they will be sitting ducks this season. What with the whiff of a sale to unknown parties still swirling above their boardroom and the like. No, this team decided to lay those ghosts to rest over the weekend by emphatically demonstrating that they are still very much in the game and are not to be messed with.

They duly handed Lamonville’s finest a five-nil thumping.

One must hasten to add that this type of five-goal avalanche is no fluke on the part of Siwelele. They have played that trick many times before during their stint in the professional football ranks. None other than Orlando Pirates were themselves recipients of the wrath of Siwelele at a point in the early 1990s when they were at the receiving end of a free-scoring Celtic during one afternoon at Orlando stadium which yours truly was privileged to be the scribe in attendance.

In parting, the choice of coach for our national men’s team Bafana Bafana is still very much the subject of deep discussion and contemplation in many off-pitch “boardrooms” and watering saloons.

The last to be added to the wish list is Cape Town City coach Benni McCarthy. We will watch that spot with keen interest. Salang!