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You can’t mention pace without including Senatla right at the top of that conversation…or even making him the headline

The Cape Town Sevens is going to be hot, and the only thing that can make a vibe guaranteed to be great even better will be superb on-field performances.

That’s not something that’s likely to lack, but just in case you have your doubts, here are five players who are sure to see to just that.

Rosko Specman (South Africa)

Those electric feet and that pace are assets that no athlete would complain about, but if you don’t know how to use it, it only counts for so much.

Specman knows how to work a rugby field, and he’s shown it many, many times.

You don’t just happen to pop up in the perfect position without some vision and anticipation. You don’t just score scintillating tries without knowing how to deceive the opposition, even if you have pace.

In Dubai, he was at his punishing best. And I see no reason why he won’t deliver the magic in Cape Town.

Carlin Isles (USA)

In the build-up to the Cape Town Sevens, Bliztboks speedster Seabelo Senatla said that he’s looking forward to going up against the USA, and Isles particular.

Both these guys have vicious pace, and seeing their two teams being drawn in the same pool means that exhilaration and competition is guaranteed right from the start.

Isles and co will also have an added bit of motivation after falling by the wayside in Dubai, and that’s already something. I mean, Isles is a lot on a regular day. Isles on a mission?

That’s a scary thought.

Seabelo Senatla (SA)

You can’t mention pace without including Senatla right at the top of that conversation…or even making him the headline.

In Dubai, he reinteoduced himself to the circuit in style, and a part of that “hello” was how he snapped up a loose ball and sprinted down field to score their last try against the Kiwis in the final.

Sometimes you’ve gotta feel for those who have to defend against him.

Maurice Longbottom (Australia)

AKA Hot Stepper or Diminutive Gamebreaker. Whatever you want to call him, he’s good.

His wizardry was on show yet again in Dubai. Again, South Africans can despise Australians for reasons pertaining to sports all they want, but there’s no denying this guy’s quality.

He’s a problem for the opposition more often than not, and you can’t help but just enjoy what he dishes up every now and then.

JC Pretorius (SA)

I don’t even feel guilty for leaving the likes of Perry Baker, Dan Norton and so on and so on out, enough’s been said about them. Pretorius, on the other hand, is an excitement package that deserves his time in the sun.

Dubai was one place where he again gave a glimpse of what he can offer. His overall grind is perfectly complimented by his pace, and we sure saw that.

In a team boasting a never-ending conveyor belt of talent, he’s one of the finest.

So, watch him

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