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Quit F1 or find a new team, Ecclestone tells Vettel


Bernie Ecclestone believes Sebastian Vettel needs to leave Ferrari in order to revive his career.

MUNICH – Former Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has advised German driver Sebastian Vettel to either end his F1 career or seek a new team.

Ecclestone told Sport1 television he believed Vettel’s performances had suffered as a result of the constellation at Ferrari.

Four-time F1 champion Vettel was outscored last season by new teammate Charles Leclerc, who is managed by the son of motorsport federation FIA president Jean Todt.

Ecclestone, 89, said he suspected Vettel did not regard Ferrari team chief Mattia Binotto as the support he needed in his current position.

Vettel, 32, should retire or look for an alternative, saying McLaren, who switch to a Mercedes engine from 2021, could be such an alternative for him.

Ecclestone said F1 “needs a Sebastian that wins”. He had a dip last season but there was no reason that like world champion Lewis Hamilton he could not reach Michael Schumacher’s seven titles.

The first nine races of the F1 season have been called off as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Ecclestone repeated his belief the entire season should be called off.


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