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Philip Molnar to head Under-19 rugby at Diamantveld High School


Philip Molnar, the recently appointed Under-19 rugby coach at Diamantveld High School, is fueled by a profound passion for rugby and the mentorship of young individuals.

Philip Molnar, the newly appointed Under-19 rugby coach at Diamantveld High School. Picture: Supplied

Philip Molnar, the newly appointed Under-19 rugby coach at Diamantveld High School, is a man driven by a deep-rooted passion for rugby, as well as mentoring and shaping young lives. Molnar’s journey within the realm of rugby is nothing short of inspiring, with a narrative marked by dedication, coaching talent, and a profound faith in guiding his path.

Hailing from a childhood steeped in the love for South African rugby, Molnar’s initiation into the sport commenced with representing Western Province at prestigious tournaments such as the under-13 Craven Week and under-16 Grant Khomo levels. His skills further flourished during his time at Boland Agricultural High School, where he earned a coveted place at the Sharks Rugby Academy, concluding his playing career and sparking a fervent interest in coaching.

His coaching odyssey began at Glenwood High School in Durban, honing his expertise over a four-and-a-half-year tenure, mentoring rising stars such as Jaden Hendrikse, Jordan Hendrikse, JJ van der Mescht, and Rynhardt Jonker. Molnar then traversed to the Boland Rugby Union in the Currie Cup, embracing the role of technical analyst under the guidance of respected mentors Brent Janse van Rensburg and Alan Zondach.

With an undeniable knack for coaching, Molnar furthered his journey to SACS in Cape Town, where he coached the under-16 A side and briefly served at Paarl Gimnasium. However, it was his return to Boland Agricultural High School that proved pivotal, dedicating a significant five-year stint to coaching the first side and eventually assuming the mantle of head coach for three years. This period was distinguished by the mentorship of Canon Moodie, a Rugby World Cup winner, throughout his formative rugby years.

Molnar’s compass in life is his unwavering faith in Christianity, believing firmly that his calling has led him to Kimberley. In this new chapter, he aspires to transcend his comfort zone and fulfil a divine purpose envisioned for him. His mission revolves around establishing a robust rugby programme capable of making a profound impact within the Kimberley community.

For Molnar, rugby serves as a vessel for mentoring young boys, guiding them not only as players but as aspiring men, future husbands, and fathers. He believes deeply in the power of sports, particularly rugby, to impart essential life lessons beyond the game’s technical aspects, instilling resilience and life skills crucial for navigating life’s challenges.

His coaching philosophy underscores a holistic approach, delving into each player’s core and understanding their backgrounds, circumstances, and familial dynamics to forge a connection extending far beyond the rugby field. Molnar’s primary objectives revolve around fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the team, attracting the community’s engagement, and advocating for active participation in community initiatives to enrich local surroundings.

Respecting and upholding the rich traditions at Diamantveld, particularly in rugby, is pivotal for Molnar. He aims to build upon these esteemed traditions by engaging former students, fostering pride, and rallying support for the school’s continued success.

His coaching group stands as the epitome of values like teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, serving as role models for the team. Molnar firmly believes that rugby is not just a sport but a teacher of respect, shaping individuals as players and, more importantly, as honourable individuals.

Acknowledging the pivotal importance of emotional and mental aspects in today’s rugby landscape, Molnar endeavours to guide young individuals in managing their emotions effectively, fostering a supportive environment where they feel comfortable opening up, contributing not only to their athletic prowess but also to their character development.

For Molnar, the true essence lies in witnessing the transformation of young boys into exceptional men, husbands, and fathers. Moments when former players return with their families, proudly introducing their children, are priceless testaments to his devotion.

Reflecting on a memorable match between Boland Agriculture and Oakdale, Molnar recalls a fiercely contested game culminating in an intense 32-phase possession resulting in Boland’s victory, underscoring the power of teamwork and an extraordinary team culture.

Community engagement in schoolboy rugby holds immense significance for Molnar, advocating for active involvement beyond match days and fostering a supportive presence within the community to reciprocate the community’s support.

Molnar’s belief in hard work, dedication, and academic excellence forms the cornerstone of success in life, nurturing a holistic approach that empowers individuals to realize their aspirations.

His anticipation to meet the Kimberley community and embark on crafting a rugby programme that instills pride reflects a collective effort to bring honour through their achievements.

Philip Molnar’s journey, philosophy, and aspirations resonate with a commitment to not just rugby but the holistic development and enrichment of young lives through sport, values, and community engagement.

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