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Paez is willing to work his socks off to stay at Chiefs


Political turmoil in Venezuela drives striker

Kaizer Chiefs striker Gustavo Paez says that hes prepared to work as hard as he has to, so that he can extend his playing career in South Africa.

THE political turmoil back in Venezuela is what drives Gustavo Paez to continue fighting to become a great success here in SA at his club Kaizer Chiefs.

And that’s because the 27-year old striker doesn’t want to go back home and raise their soon-to-be-born child with his wife in a country that’s currently undergoing a political upheaval.

It is the current Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, who is the cause of the current social unrest in the South American country.

Maduro has been insisting on establishing a super-legislature known as the Constituent Assembly, which will see him gain the status of a dictator. A god among mortals so to speak.

Paez, who joined Amakhosi on a two-year deal in the middle of last season, stated that he didn’t even bother going home to visit the rest of his family back in Venezuela in the off-season break.

“Venezuela is going through a difficult phase right now with all of its politics and social unrest and all,” Paez says. “I tell most of my South African friends that this, right here, is paradise compared to where I come from. Buying something as basic as food, is very difficult back at home. Their hospitals aren’t that great either.

“My wife is pregnant now. She’s right here with me (in South Africa). The baby is due to arrive in late December. The plan is to be with her until the baby arrives and we’ll possibly make a trip to Venezuela to see the rest of the family back at home afterwards.

“And that’s why I always give it my all whenever I’m given chance to play,” He adds. “My contract says that I have two years with the club and I’m hoping that with my efforts, I’ll able to play many more years to come (here in SA).”

Just this past season, after having joined Amakhosi in the mid-season transfer window, Paez managed to score five goals in all competitions of the 18 matches he’d played in for the club. And this past weekend, the Venezuelan striker hammered in a brace in a 2-0 win against Township Rollers to progress to the final of the Maize Cup tournament.

Paez says that he’s hoping to be a regular for the Glamour Boys going into the new season; however, he adds that he would really need to work his socks off in order for him to break it into the team’s starting line-up more regularly.

“I know that I’ll now have to work even harder (to be a regular in the new season), and I’m willing to work for it. I want to score at least 10 goals (and then take it from there). That’s a minimum target I have set for myself (for now).”