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NC archery community hits Bullseye with impressive growth


The Northern Cape archery community has come together as a close-knit group, united by their love for the sport. This newfound pride has served as a catalyst for archers to set their sights on greater achievements.

A proud assembly of archers poses alongside their freshly acquired life-sized target, made possible through the generous support of the archery community. Picture: Supplied

The archery community in the Northern Cape has experienced remarkable growth and success over the past year, showcasing an inspiring story of determination and unity. Led by John Filmalter, the coordinator for the African Bowhunting Organisation, a passionate group of archers has transformed their shared interest into a flourishing community.

In April of this year, Filmalter embarked on an ambitious mission to introduce 3Di archery to the Northern Cape community. However, they encountered a significant obstacle: the lack of suitable targets. In 3Di archery, life-size foam animals serve as targets, with prices varying from R1,500 to R12,000 depending on the size of the animal.

To turn this vision into reality, they faced the daunting task of acquiring 20 official targets, which seemed nearly impossible. Undeterred, Filmalter and his team reached out to the neighbouring Free State for assistance. Despite the financial burden of covering expenses such as accommodation, meals, fuel, and forfeiting entry fees, they remained determined to establish an official event in the Northern Cape.

Gradually, their dream of having Northern Cape archers represent their province in national competitions began to take shape. Their unwavering determination received a significant boost from sponsors like Rovic, Northern Cape, GWK, Caritas, Overland, and NK8 Security, who hosted an event at the Big Hole Driving Range.

Filmalter expressed his gratitude for these sponsors, recognising their support as a pivotal step in the African Bowhunting Organisation’s development process. Their generous contributions paved the way for the growth of archery in the region.

Then, in August, the Northern Cape hosted its very first archery event using animal targets borrowed from individuals across the province. Notably, Sven Hoeble from Gamagara Archery Club in Kathu loaned them 14 targets, and Nico Fourie provided an additional six. This event marked a significant milestone in the journey of building a thriving archery community.

During the event, Filmalter addressed the 35 archers present, calling for a collective effort to nurture the sport as a community. Their appeal for financial assistance to acquire their own targets received overwhelming support. The archers and their families raised an impressive R48,000, enabling them to purchase the 20 targets they required.

In October, the Northern Cape hosted another tournament, but this time it was different. The archers competed with a sense of pride and ownership, shooting at their very own targets. The events in August and October took place at Marrick Safari, with generous support from Trevor and Hubre Datnow.

The Archery Governing Association (AGA) of the Northern Cape also played an essential role in promoting the sport, with Dawid De Greef actively encouraging juniors and seniors in the Genesis bow categories to participate in the events.

What’s truly remarkable is the sense of pride and ownership that has flourished among the archers. The Northern Cape archery community has come together as a close-knit group, united by their love for the sport. This newfound pride has served as a catalyst for archers to set their sights on greater achievements.

In an astonishingly short amount of time, these archers have transformed into individuals striving for provincial recognition. This journey is reaching its peak with the 3Di South Africa National Championships in November, where the Northern Cape will be proudly represented by an impressive number of archers.

Last year, there was only one archer from the Northern Cape at a national event. This year, thanks to the unwavering dedication and support of the archery community, there are 14 archers competing at the Nationals.

This is a testament to their determination and the impressive growth of archery in the region.

NTT Volkswagen has also decided to come on board in 2024 as a logistics sponsor for the Northern Cape 3D, with the transport of targets as well as scoreboards, route marking, and other essential services to make every event a huge success.

The success of the Northern Cape’s archery community is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and unity in the face of challenges.

The dreams of a few have turned into a vibrant, thriving archery community that is ready to compete on the national stage with pride and determination.

Official Teams for the 3Di South Africa National Championships:

Diamond Archery 1 Aided Provincial Team [Qualifying for provincial colours]

Junior Fourie (who obtained his national colours this year after only shooting for 14 months)

Wimpie Jacobs

Andries Venter

John Filmalter

Diamond Archery 1 Un-Aided Invitational Team

Chris Foure

Renita Foure

Ardu Foure

Sven Hoeble

Diamond Archery 2 Aided Invitational Team

Armand Scorgje

Odette Victor

Pierre Murray

Jacobus Rademan

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