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‘Moroe and Nenzani must go’


That is the view of former SA quick bowler Vincevan der Bijl

Renowned former South African fast bowler Vince van der Bijl says “urgent action” is needed to save South African cricket, starting with the resignation of Cricket SA’s president and chief executive.

Van der Bijl said the trust between CSA and two of its most important entities – the public and the players – has been broken.

“It is time now for direct action and it is my considered and very sad view that, Thabang Moroe should stand down, as should the president, Chris Nenzani and (CSA) develop new executives,” said Van der Bijl.

“It is very sad for me to have to say I think that the cricket family in this country is disillusioned, because of the executive management of the game through CSA.

“I’ve always believed that there are two important components in cricket – the players and the fans – and everything centres around those two.

“Everyone else is a backdrop to support those two areas – (Broadcasters) with the fans, the press with the fans, the public marketing with the fans, and obviously the players have to be in sync.

“What we are seeing is a real break, with not just the South African Cricketers Association, who represent every professional player in the country, but also the WP Cricket Association and others,” Van der Bijl explained.

Both Saca and the WPCA brought court action against CSA, with the latter winning in its arbitration after CSA had dismissed the entire board and appointed an administrator. CSA lost that case and had to pick up the legal bill for both parties, adding further to debt it currently faces.

Saca, meanwhile, took CSA to court in May over the restructuring of the domestic game and what it will mean for the country’s players. That case is still ongoing in the South Gauteng High Court.

“We need action to ensure that positions in the game itself at the top level are being held by the right people which would include the Director of Cricket, the convenor of the selection panel, the permanent coach, the captain and we have to get serious people who are serious about management and serious about cricket to do this very serious job,” said Van der Bijl.

Van der Bijl has worked in various structures within the sport both locally and at ICC level in the last 20 years and is currently involved with development initiatives in Masipumelele in the Western Cape.

While he spoke to Independent Media in his personal capacity, he said his decision to speak out now had been influenced by speaking to people who had a deep understanding and love of cricket.

“As we sit right now, we have no Director of Cricket, we have an interim coach, no selection panel, and on top of that, three very key people – Corrie van Zyl, Clive Eksteen and Nassei Appiah – are not there to give their considered wisdom and advice,” he said of the senior administrative trio who suspended by Moroe for what was described as a “dereliction of their duties”.

“We find ourselves in a vacuum, about to go into a series (against England) that we really should win, with our bowling.

“I’ve seen and spoken to so many people of interest and influence on the street and they are moving away from the game.

“I admire Faf du Plessis for holding his ground to support his team through this troubled time. I admire Saca for holding their ground for ensuring the players are properly looked after and there is transparency in the system regarding finances and dealing with the administration.”

Van der Bijl said that in the event of both Moroe and Nenzani stepping down, an interim CEO should be appointed.

“There are people of real gravitas who can perform these tasks. It’s going to be a slow ride, there is no easy switch,” he commented.

“Unless the executive at CSA and the board understand that players and fans are the keys to growth and to the enhancing of real strength with transformation and the overall strength within in our cricket, unless they understand it from grassroots, then they have lost the plot,” Van der Bijl stated.

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