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Know your Griquas Player – Simon Westraadt


The DFA is giving the readers a little insight into what makes the young men tick who are representing Griquas this season. This week Danie van der Lith speaks to Simon Westraadt. Picture: Louis Botha.

Simon Westraadt

Simon Westraadt

35 years old, born in Port Elizabeth

plays as hooker

Previous team: Pumas

What sports do you enjoy apart from rugby: Golf and Cricket

The one person that inspired you: Both my parents

Your biggest rugby hero: Keith Wood

Your biggest sporting hero outside of rugby: Tom Brady

Favourite book: Johnny Wilkinson autobiography

Favourite movie: Gone Girl

What type of music do you enjoy: Rock

If you could pick your top three favourite songs, what would they be: Enter Sandman (Metallica), Live this Life (Prime Circle), Out of my way (Seether)

Droëwors? Biltong? Chillibites?: Biltong

Water – still or sparkling: Sparkling

Do you have a pet: Two English bulldogs, Winston and Maggie. Best pets to have around kids and they are super lazy which suits me perfectly.

Favourite drill in the gym or at practice: Bench press and core

Least favourite exercise: Bronco test

One day, after rugby … what are your plans: Starting up my own restaurant

Is there a quote you think can motivate today’s youth: My favourite quote has always been, “if winning wasn’t important, then why do we keep score”

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