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Get to know your NC Heat physiotherapist


DFA Sports Reporter Danie van der Lith continues his series that has been introducing the NC Heat Cricket team to our readers – this week, we meet the team’s physiotherapist Sharee Hendricks.

Sharee (Mallies) Hendricks. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Sharee ‘Mallies’ Hendricks

30 years old, born in Kimberley

What inspired you to pursue this career in cricket? I grew up playing cricket with my older brother; I took a liking to the game since then, and I was intrigued by how multi-faceted it was. After studying sports physiotherapy, I thought it would be ideal for me to pursue a career in cricket physiotherapy.

What other sports do you enjoy aside from cricket? I love playing hockey, but I also love watching football and rugby.

What do you believe is the most important aspect of your role in contributing to the team’s success? Holistic communication and education. My job revolves around constant communication with and from my players and staff about various injuries, the injury journey (mental and physical), fitness management and recovery, as well as medical needs. This creates a relationship of trust and buy-in from the players, and I become a safe space for them.

Are there any specific strategies or techniques you use to help players reach their full potential? Staying optimistic. I always support the players and their journeys, and I respect them as people first before as cricket players.

Could you provide insights into your role in the team’s training regimen and preparation for matches? Pre-training physiotherapy and post-training recovery treatment, specific pre-match strapping and taping, designing rehab programmes post-serious injuries, and supervising these programs, yoga, and pilates as recovery.

Are there any individuals in the cricketing world who have influenced your coaching or management style? Craig Govender. He ‘physio’d’ the Proteas cricket team for many years, and he truly lives by good communication and rapport with patients and constantly researching and staying on top of the latest trends and evidence-based studies.

What motivates you the most about being part of this cricket team’s coaching and management staff? The sense of belonging and feeling valued and appreciated. We are a family.

Your biggest sporting hero outside of cricket? Serena Williams. She’s a boss.

Favourite Book? Anything from Jodi Picoult

Favourite series: Suits

Hamburger, pizza, or fried chicken? None of the above; am I allowed to say noodles instead?

Is there a quote that keeps you going when times get tough? God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.

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